2020 Contributors

Sabreen Abdullah is a self-taught henna artist. Instagram @HennaSabr. (online exclusive)

Najma Adan is a Somali-American student finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of Washington Bothell and hopes to further her education by pursuing a medical degree. She hopes to bring more narrative and creative writing to the healthcare field as it seems that the humanities and sciences tend to be distinct from one another in both education and in the field. Through the practice of narrative medicine, she hopes to be able to see suffering from the patients’ lens rather than the medical professional lens and thus becoming a better advocate for the patient. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, taking in the Pacific Northwest’s beauty, and of course, writing poetry.

Susanna Andrews is an artist who takes inspiration mainly from her dreaming world. She enjoys exploring different mediums of creativity and is currently working on a hand-drawn animated short film. She thrives when she is building something with her hands from her imagination, but she also appreciates the art of creative writing.

Beza Ayele is a student at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing a degree in Law, Economics and Public Policy with a minor in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. Learning about the ways systems come together to form the world as we know it shapes the way she views art.

Ace Baker is a Senior at UW Bothell. He will graduate in June 2020 with his BA in Environmental Studies. He is also an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, a US Army veteran, a father to five sons and has been married to his wife, Marlys, for 20 years.

Jessica Belmont is an adult transfer student who previously attended college in 1990-1992, and is now a junior at UWB, majoring in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she plans to attend seminary for a Master of Divinity degree to become a Unitarian Universalist minister. While she doesn’t believe that labels can ever completely define someone, she currently identifies herself as a polyamorous lesbi-romantic demisexual pansensual intersex trans woman

Scott Bentley is a first-year student in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics program at the University of Washington Bothell. He currently lives in Seattle. His poetry and prose have appeared in Pacific Review, Albion Review, and Otherwhere Approach. (online exclusive)

Darrell Urban Black is an artist born in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in Far Rockaway, New York. In high school, he excelled in science with an affinity for outer space. In June 1969, as America fulfilled J. F. Kennedy’s dream to put the American Stars and Stripes into the dusty surface of the moon, his fascination with spaceships grew. As a child, he made spaceship models, eventually placing his artistic visions on paper resulting in some 500 drawings. Phantasmal spaceships eventually carried him to a unique wonderland of strange forms and colors. In 1982, he joined the National Guard. During this time, his previous drawings were lost – but not his passion. In 1988, he joined the army and served another four years. Darrell Urban Black earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Criminal Justice Administration at the University of Phoenix.

Grace Boieriu is a junior at UW Bothell, currently taking up a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Her work, creating images of people in the natural world, allows her to explore different media and image-making techniques, inviting the viewer to create their own interpretation of the work.

Krisna Bour is a UW Bothell student who enjoys reading, drawing, and playing video games.

Greg Buck is in the first year of the Masters of Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Poetics. Their interests include flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and experimental literature and visual arts.

Annika G.R. Bunney is an aspiring artist focusing on traditional writing and digital textual creations. Her work draws on classic literature, folklore, and mass media. She is a first-year student in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington, Bothell. Her work is continually evolving throughout this program, but she continues to focus on interdisciplinary writing.

Marina Burandt is a second-year graduate student in the MFA Creative Writing and Poetics program at UW Bothell. She has a BA in English Literature from Chapman University. Her interests lie in art, language, plants, dreams, and travel.

Denise Calvetti Michaels teaches Psychology at Cascadia College and has completed the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at UW Bothell. “The Things Downriver,” a lyric mapping of childhood on the Salinas farm, is forthcoming by Cave Moon Press. Her “Dear Daughter Love Letter” poem will appear in Paterson Literary Review this fall. 

Vannie Cao is a graduating senior at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing a degree in Media and Communications and Law, Economics, and Public Policy. Photography, specifically film, enables her to find art in everyday life, creating different lenses to view the world around her.

Angela Jilliene Casidsid is an Interactive Media Design major, focusing on visual design. She uses art as an outlet to bring her ideas to life and express personal struggles. She also has an obsession with the color pink.

Virginia Cassady is a sophomore at the University of Washington Bothell. She is from the Seattle area and loves to cook and hang out with her two pets during her free time.

Carmen Chan is a Media and Communication Studies Student. She is passionate about photography and videography. Carmen Chan loves portrait and documentary photography. She thinks that a photo does not just entertain your eyes; it also makes you think about the story and content. (online exclusive)

Minji Choi was born in Korea and grew up in Korea until 19 years old, and she came to America as an international student. She started drawing ever since middle school. (online exclusive)

Pei Wei Chung is currently a senior student majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts. She is also an international student from Taiwan. Her art criteria can broadly expand in many different mediums.

Shanelle Clogston is a writer, communicator, and dreamer. She has a degree in Culture, Literature & the Arts from UW Bothell. When not consumed by keeping her goal of reading a book a week or working on her YA novel, Shanelle loves to travel, paint, buy pajamas, and daydream.

Adrienne Co is a senior majoring in applied computing and minoring in visual and media arts with an interest in both digital and traditional mediums.

NP Creed is a graduate of UW Bothell and a lifelong lover of art and language. His current crusade began when he broke the spell that had trapped him in time for over a thousand years. He maintains sanity and telepathy lessons as much as possible to little avail.

Jennifer DAmico returned to the University of Washington – Bothell, in the spring of 2019 to complete her bachelor’s degree after raising a family. Having spent many years as a working mother, a stay-at-home mother, and a single mother, Jennifer found that despite the experiences she accumulated in the home and workplace, she craved the satisfaction of completing her education, a goal that was set-aside with the birth of her third daughter. Through the outlet of writing and visual art, Jennifer found a place at UW Bothell for the creative expression of her voice and place to process all that had happened. (online exclusive)

Violet Dahlstrom has been doing art for over ten years, and it is a big part of their life. Currently an officer for Palette Talk, an art club on campus, their mission is to use art and shared experiences to connect with people and to bring the community together. (online exclusive)

David Dinh is a visual artist who dabbles in digital art, sketching, painting, and a little bit of photography. He resides in the beautiful city of Bothell, currently planning to pursue a degree in Interactive Media Design with a minor in Visual and Media Arts.

Kiana Dolam is a freshman at UWB. She has plans on majoring in biology. She wants to study vertical farming and sustainable agriculture in the future. She enjoys watching cooking videos on YouTube without any intention of actually cooking the food. She also would like to learn about terraforming and hydroponics so she can be the first space farmer on Mars.

Jennifer Dormier is a professional photographer pursuing a major in Media and Communications at UW Bothell. Her studies and passion surround global inequality.

Mary Olivanti-Duerksen (M.Div, MFA) is a nonbinary visual and sound poet. Their works utilize several languages and often include themes connecting the natural world to human justice issues. They have recently published the accompanying interview and introduction in the booklet Three Visual Poems (Tres Poesias Visuales) by Brazilian poet Tchello d’Barros, published by Burrow Press. They have given public readings in Rio De Janiero, Buenos Aires, and New Smyrna Beach, FL. (online exclusive)

Bee Elliott is a climate justice activist studying Environmental and Cultural Studies at the UW Bothell. She strives to break the silence and disconnect between climate change and our everyday lives by utilizing music and the arts to encourage others to feel and move through the grief of this world, face the state of our reality, see our place in the mess, and to bring this New Story, we need, to life around us. Bee is a part of The People’s Echo, a music group in Seattle who “catch” songs for the climate justice movement and hold community song teach-ins once a month to build a regenerative community and fuel our movement with the power of song.

Jason Estrada is thankful to you for viewing their photograph. They hope you enjoyed looking at an airplane in the sky of a beautiful sunset. Thank you and best wishes! (online exclusive)

Shanley Fermin is a Media and Communication Studies student at UW Bothell, graduating in June. Shanley Fermin wants to drink more water this year and create a brand of content that screams Shanley Fermin.

Jasmine Elizabeth Figueroa is a Mexican-American fiction writer and poet pursuing a degree at UW Bothell in Culture, Literature and the Arts.

Alec Gabin is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and musician, living along the I5 corridor of Washington state. His work spans multiple media and genres. An amateur witch, alec believes that intellectual and academic discourse fractures into a space which demands a spiritual response. Playing music through his 20’s, alec now focuses on writing, recently moving away from absurd surrealism towards a more intimate creative nonfiction. alec’s work aims to complicate the normal narratives around addiction, sobriety, friends, spirituality, and healing. alec enjoys cities, highways, well-manicured parks, and long walks through post-industrial wasteland. He has a five-year-old son named oskar who just started kindergarten. oskar won student-of-the-week the other day, and his favorite number is three thousand. (online exclusive)

Maryam Gani is a self-taught henna artist. Instagram @maryamgvni (online exclusive)

Daniel Goltapeh has been practicing photography since 2104. Goltapeh’s passion began with his interest in cinematography. He took on photography in the beginning for practice and had pursued it ever since.

Saskia Gottuso is a junior at UWB. She is double-majoring in Environmental Studies, with Society, Ethics and Human Behavior. She is also pursuing a minor in Gender, Women and Sexuality studies. Saskia is very passionate about learning in general; however, her main interests are music, movement, nature, spirituality, human expression, and emotion. In her spare time, you might find Saskia driving around and singing along to her favorite songs at the top of her lungs.

Josephine Hartono is a second-year student at the University of Washington Bothell that enjoys creating art in many forms, including digital illustration, graphic design, poetry, and painting. She has been a contributor in several independently published zines and art books, focusing both on original and fanwork for various series. She also enjoys representing different forms of kindness through character writing.

Rachel Hartshorn is a student in the Media and Communications program at the University of Washington Bothell. Throughout her educational career, she’s developed numerous projects surrounding controversial topics such as identity, representation, and social media. (online exclusive)

Nicolas Hauser is an MFA candidate in the Creative Writing and Poetics program at the University of Washington Bothell. His work centers around mixed-genre, poetry, and performance with an emphasis on experimental voice and writing.

Jordan Lee Havlicek is an aspiring activist, trans artist, and editor for Clamor 2020. His art often focuses on various expressions of femininity and queerness.

Elisha Hong is a Korean-American student who was born in Kirkland, Washington. She is a self-made artist, as she’s been practicing art since she was only 11 years old. She has taken one AP Studio Art class in her senior year of high school, in which she failed the AP Exam. That didn’t stop her from creating art. Art has always been an integral part of Elisha’s life, as she saw the beauty in everything. Her imagination to make something beautiful, and her creativity to fill a blank canvas only fueled her passion and growth, especially in the face of conflict and obstacles.

Sana Iqbal is a full-time student studying Media and Communications. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two cats, eating pizza, and painting. She is Seattle based. (online exclusive)

Frances Jaynes began making paper collages around the age of ten. Through the years, she has honed both her approach and technique, as well as her artistic voice. Frances’s work explores issues of identity and subjectivity and invites viewers into fantastical, otherworldly realms. Playing with space and perspective, she enjoys using bright colors and unusual textures. This is her first published work.

Kylie Kepl is a Culture, Literary, and Artistic Studies major at UW Bothell. She is completing her final quarter and hoping to become a high school English Language Arts teacher.

West Lawrence creates art to inspire and challenge modern ideas in hopes of a better tomorrow.

Sabina Livadariu is a second-year graduate student in the Creative Writing and Poetics MFA program at UW Bothell. Her work centers around violence, memory, and body.

Corbin Louis is a poet and performer from Seattle, Washington. He is a recording artist and MFA graduate at the University of Washington Bothell. Corbin’s work has previously been featured in Best American Experimental Writing, Santa Ana Review, Atticus Review, The Visible Verse Film Festival, and others. The author seeks to open up dialogues of addiction and mental illness. Ink becomes war call and empathy. Salt water and whispers. The poet lives.

Little M‘s goal is to connect with people through poetry and to bring excitement back to the medium of poetry by providing thought-provoking poems.

Jeanne Macbeth is a poet, storyteller, researcher, and social activist from Seattle, WA.

Vivian Mak‘s art is driven by her interest in cultural issues, embodied experience, and perceptions of self. Art, for her, is a crucial means for how it can be used in society to evoke important questions and, on the other hand, an answer to existing questions. A big part of her childhood consisted of hand-me-downs, rarely throwing things away, and this concept of passing it on or reusing it enabled her to form a deep appreciation for repurposing items. Art has the power to make us re-imagine possible futures and can be a vehicle for innovation. As our consumer society is becoming saturated with disposable materials, she wants to utilize art as a catalyst for a sustainable future.

Abigail Mandlin is a creative writing and poetics MFA student at the University of Washington, Bothell. She tries, always, to see the humor and beauty in all things and considers prose and poetry to not be as separate as they seem.

Heather McAllister is a student at the University of Washington Bothell, majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts. Her artistic passions include photography, graphic art, and design. She enjoys exploring new techniques, welcoming challenges, and expressing emotion in her art. She is thankful for any opportunity to share her artwork because she recognizes the importance of art and creativity in every community.

Joan McBride‘s poetry has previously appeared in Clamor, Yours Truly, Raven Chronicles, and Nightshade. She is a retired elected official and lives in Kirkland.

Emily Nguyen is a senior at UW Bothell, who is graduating from Interactive Media Design. Alongside design, she is an illustrator who merges her love for music, color, and line work.

Joseph Niduaza is a student at UW Bothell. He is not published anywhere, and he is a slacker. He graduated from Palma High School in Salinas, California, in 2009, and from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, in 2014, where he earned a degree in English: Writing Practices. He lives in Seattle.

Jan O. is Jan.

David Payne is a photographer/videographer based out of the Greater Seattle Area. He focuses on visual thinking and imagery in the fields of music, art, and culture (mainly but not only). The spectrum of visual representation is wide: portraits, identities, branding, products, films, fashion, and much more. His true passion stems from his deep interest in music, which is why he specializes in concert photography. David grew up in a small town on Whidbey Island, WA. He came down to Bothell to attend school at the University of Washington. After a year in his undergrad, he found his passion for the visual arts.

Ila Blue Plank is a poet and visual artist, originally born in Olympia, Washington. She loves playing with mediums in art to uncover the mystery of creation.

Courtney Putnam (MFA) is a writer, artist, and teacher who is an associate faculty at Cascadia College in Bothell, WA. She is the author and artist of “Body Cards: Insight from the Body, Wisdom for the Soul” (Schiffer Publishing), and her art and writing have been published in Lunch Ticket, Licton Springs, Phoebe, and Weave Magazine, among others. She resides in Bellingham, WA.

Jay Quedado is a Junior Computer Engineering student at the University of Washington Bothell. She has an interest in doing art in her free time.

Rachel Raymond (She/Her) is an artist, designer, and writer in the PNW. A double major in Interactive Media Design and Interdisciplinary Arts. She considers herself an artist first and designer second, utilizing her artistic practice as a lens to inform her process of inquiry. Utilizing her interest in Contemporary Art and New Media, she leverages Speculative Design to create introspective and immersive pieces on her past, present, and future. Not one to tie herself down, she uses whatever medium necessary to bring her pieces to life, including app development, interactive fiction games, photography, video, and fabricating handmade artifacts. rachelraymondcreates.com

Ashley Rittenhouse is a second year PharmD student, who currently lives in Spokane, WA. She graduated from UW in 2018 with a BS in plant biology. During her free time she enjoys hiking, walking dogs, and writing. When she finishes her doctoral degree, Ashley plans to write a memoir about her experience living with and trying to pay off her formidable college loan debt. 

Noelle Rittenhouse is a graduating senior in Media and Communications with a Minor in Creative Writing. She has happily been a part of the Clamor Editorial Team for two years and looks forward to finding ways to support creators through sustainable means post graduation. Follow her @bookworlddomination

Crystal Sackman is a marketer, artist, and go-getter. A lifelong Snohomish County native and UWB alumna (IAS CLA ’08), Crystal spends her time laughing with her family, experimenting with texture paste and paint, translating engineering jargon into reader-friendly proposals, and endlessly streaming audiobooks on her ever-long commute.

SanBian was born and raised in Beijing, and dreams of becoming a car designer. He has received a level 6 certification issued by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts for sketching. He believes art is in the eyes and the beauty of objects sublimates thorough observations.

Jake Salvador. This erasure was a project I had done a few years ago. It incorporates skiing as a design element, which is also fundamental in teaching me the life lessons I carry with me today. In the end, skiing is ultimately a dance between human experience and the physics which govern life as we know it. Despite this understanding, the Earth is the medium for which human experience and physics meet. Earth is my teacher. (online exclusive)

Michelle Schaefer lives and plays in Bothell. She enjoys hiking and writing. She specializes in writing haiku and is President of Haiku Northwest, a poet’s organization that meets in Seattle and the greater Eastside. She has been published in several papers and on-line journals. Currently, she is earning her CLA degree at UW Bothell. She believes that you are never too old to learn.

Stephanie Segura is a Latinx poet, educator, and activist from Southern California. Her work is one that currently explores the question of identity through displacement, memory, and trauma. Her poetry has been featured in Cal State San Bernardino’s anthology, Pacific Review Publication. Stephanie enjoys serving her community as a middle school cultural enrichment instructor at Beacon Hill’s, El Centro de la Raza, where she teaches poetry and ethic studies workshops. She currently resides in Renton, WA, with her partner and pet plants.

Sonia Saravanan is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Washington, Bothell. When not engrossed in her laptop coding and being antisocial, she likes to hang out with her friends over a cup of boba or go hiking up mountains. Passionate about social change, she does not restrict herself to any one medium to express herself: writing, arts, etc.

Donna Sullivan is a student in the Master of Education program at UWB. She works full time and has a teenage son. In her abundant spare time, Donna works in watercolor, acrylic, and enjoys creating digital art.

Karina Syrova is a second-year UWB student majoring in Health Studies. She is passionate about alternative medicine, music, and the arts. Art is one of her favorite pastimes from a young age, which includes drawing and writing. She is thrilled to be a part of Clamor’s 2020 edition. You can also find her on instagram @kariinaart.

Jonathan Tan is currently a senior at UWB, majoring in Media and Communications Studies. He enjoys testing out new digital art styles and seeking out inspiration through anything from social justice movements, video games, and his surrounding environment.

Morgan Thomas is a freelance concept artist and illustrator masquerading as a student.

Audrey Tinnin is a senior majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts. She enjoys reading and writing. In the future, she will pursue a career in education. On campus, Audrey participates in Rotaract club and Outdoor Wellness activities. Outside of class, you can find Audrey at the Den coffee shop.

Elaine Alethea Tjokro is a senior at the University of Washington – Bothell campus majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Creative Writing. Her passion lies in music and literature, particularly singing and poetry. Stuck between the crossroads of a stable job or following her dream, she decided to pursue both. Her work is often nonfiction pieces that portray her deep thoughts and feelings, hoping to touch the audience with her experiences. She aspires to be a singer-songwriter in the future.

Shan Shan Tsang has a desire for painting and design. Shan blended her skills with her twenty years of painting experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her passions. She likes to explore the depths of movement, different angles, and composition, which allow her to introduce unique elements in her works.

Thelma Tunyi is a painter and illustrator, and a member of a group with two other artists called Sunshine Tangerine. She is a self-taught artist, creating digital, watercolor, and mixed media paintings.

Cliff Watson is an MFA creative writing and poetics student at the University of Washington Bothell. He writes prose, poetry, lyrics, and scripts, and enjoys experimenting with digital media and live performance. He once had an essay, poking fun at the Hong Kong Governor and the Queen, published in a British civil service magazine. His most entertaining literary adventure was a spoken word piece (with music by Lili Kung), “Dialogue about croquet in a library,” performed by two acrobats in a circus show.

Xinzhu Xu is appearing for the first time in Clamor.

Manasa Yadavalli is a junior, pursuing a biochemistry degree in hopes of becoming a specialist in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Cindy Yang is a hobbyist digital illustrator. Growing up, she attended the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, Washington, working with a variety of traditional mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolors, and charcoal. These days, Cindy focuses on utilizing digital tools to bring her vision to life.

Kevin Yeoman is a graduate of the University of Wyoming and University of Washington Tacoma. While attending the latter, Kevin served as the fiction editor for the 2014-2015 edition of Tahoma West, UW Tacoma’s literary arts journal. He currently works as a freelance journalist and television critic. (online exclusive)

xiaowei zhang loves art. When she draws a picture by watercolor, she likes to use as many colors as possible to create a vivid world. From the picture, you can see she has a passion for pursuing a lovely life.

Weiling Zhang is appearing in Clamor for the first time.

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