2022 Contributors

Ro Al-Ghosien is a freshman student at UWB. She has always been interested in writing and words ever since she was a young child, but creative writing courses at UWB have helped her develop a passion for poetry. She enjoys writing as a form of self-expression.

Tushigmaa Ariunbileg is an artist with a passion for oil painting and graphite drawing. She loves to capture the people around her and concentrates on portraits.

Martin Arriaga is a first generation Mexican American and is currently a senior at UWB majoring in Media and Communications. Creative writing has become a pillar of his academic career. He lives in Lynnwood, WA with his fiancée and two cats.

Aeriel Rae Adajar Asirot is a proud Filipina-American attending the University of Washington Bothell as a Senior; currently majoring in Culture, Literature, and The Arts. Her goal is not only to create and share her work but also to showcase the beauty of vulnerability and passion. Her work expresses bits of her own personal life experiences as well as pieces that others can relate to and find a bit of themselves within it.

Danny Barbare resides in the Upstate of the Carolinas. He attended Greenville Technical College. Works at the University Center as a janitor. Has recently been published in Pennsylvania Literary Journal, North Dakota Quarterly, New Feathers Anthology, and DASH. He lives with his wife and family and sweet dog Miley in Greenville, SC. His poetry has been nominated for Best of the Net by Assisi Online Journal and has won The Jim Gitting’s Award.

Christian Barragan is a recent graduate from California State University Northridge. Raised in Riverside, CA, he aims to become a novelist or literary editor. He currently reads submissions for Open Ceilings Magazine at UC Davis. His work has appeared in Pif Magazine, Moria Magazine, and Coffin Bell, among others.

Robert Beveridge (he/him) makes noise (xterminal.bandcamp.com) and writes poetry in Akron, OH. Recent/upcoming appearances in Homolgy Lit, WordCity, and The Erozine, among others.

Katharina Mei-Fa Brinschwitz (b. 2000) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes animation, video, installation, images, performance, and poetry. Her art practice asks us to look at the intersections of ourselves and others with greater compassion. If you are willing to soften, her artworks are pools of reflection for courage and metacognitive alchemy.

A. Bunney is an author and artist from the Pacific Northwest. Her work focuses on memory and how it intertwines with imagination, history, and the environment. In 2021, she graduated from UW Bothell with an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics, and her thesis, “long exposure,” explored uncertain perceptions of reality, long exposure photography, and Edgar Allan Poe. She has been published in The CROW (2021), Clamor (2020, 2021), and The Journal of Occurrences (2018).

Celestial Carvalho is a senior, currently enrolled in IAS – Community Psychology, at the UWB campus. She is an avidly eccentric admirer of pointillism, surrealism, and creative writing. It was because of her passion for writing, that when asked to write about the history and times of the clitoris, she chose to write a poem about this often misunderstood, forgotten, and powerful sexual organ. With this poem she wants to empower readers to understand the history of the clitoris, the anatomy of organs that some of us own, and to not be afraid to embrace your clitoris in the literal, educational, and metaphorical sense.

Virginia Cassady is a senior at UW Bothell majoring in educational studies. Though much of her time is taken up being a student, she can often be found exploring the mountains, forest, and all things nature.

Win Chantieng has a strong belief in photography. Every picture he has taken represents his belief in arts and each picture has a different meaning depending on the expression of colors. The simplest things that make up the world, the appreciation is the voice that most people have taken for granted as part of common reality.

Sandy Chen is a student at the University of Washington Bothell. She is a health studies major pursuing a career as a PA. In her free time, she enjoys reading, different visual creative arts such as drawing, and recently writing poems.

Zhewen Chen is very sensitive to art. He always hopes that art can save himself.

Cheryl Chudyk is a Canadian collage artist based in Kirkland, WA. She has a background in dance and photography and dabbles in painting, writing, comics and illustration. She is a co-founder of sharphandsgallery.com, is the newsletter editor of The Northwest Collage Society and is a member of @thecollageclub on Instagram. She is always looking to make collaborative pieces with other artists. Weekdays you can see her at her day job and receive a COVID vaccine.

Mary Christine Delea is the author of The Skeleton Holding Up the Sky, 3 chapbooks, and numerous other poems published in various journals and anthologies. She is originally from Long Island, NY, and now lives in Oregon. A former university professor, she currently volunteers with a few nonprofits. Delea also makes quilts and beaded jewelry. Her website, which includes a blog where she posts weekly poetry prompts, is mchristinedelea.com.

David Dinh is majoring in Media and Communication Studies with a minor in Visual and Media Arts at UW Bothell. He plans to go into social media design and digital marketing to help out small businesses while doing media production and art on the side. David enjoys drawing, playing the piano, going on walks on sunny days, hanging out with his friends, and playing with his cat, Oreo.

Andrew Djermani was born in Toledo, Ohio in 2002. Moving to Washington at the age of 5, he spent his free time reading books or doodling on blank pieces of paper. It wasn’t until 2014 that he fully embraced his skills and talents and went on to improve both his drawing, reading and writing skills. Today, he majors in Interdisciplinary Arts, studying for a career in Graphic Design.

Dana Doran, The Baroness of Eads is an alumni of UW Bothell and former Clamor editor. Her oil paintings have been published in Clamor seven times since 2013. She graduated magna cum laude in 2014 with a degree in interdisciplinary art where she learned, very successfully, to incorporate messages into her visual art. Today, she is semi-retired in Tennessee. Known as the Baroness of Eads, she paints most days, exhibits her work when convenient, blogs on WordPress and accepts commissions.

Amy Eldridge is a first-year graduate student in the Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington, Bothell. She is a co-curator for the 2021-2022 Gamut Literary Series and frequently creates works within the realm of realistic fiction and crime fiction. Her writing has never been published previously.

Jason A. Estrada Vargas is a Senior majoring in Interactive Media Design and Media & Communication Studies. Jason loves to capture the sensational beauties that our eyes can see on this Earth through the lenses of his cameras.

Tricia Fuentes is an MFA Creative Writing and Poetics student at the University of Washington, Bothell, graduating in 2022. She enjoys creative expression through writing, though she loves to experiment in visual artforms as well. As the daughter of a refugee and descendant of a long line of strong women (and the world’s most caring dad), she draws strength and inspiration from her family. Her other interests include music, drinking too much coffee, and binge-watching shows with her partner and her kids. She also loves to party with her large, boisterous Cuban family.

Madison Galiardi is a third year UW Bothell student studying Community Psychology with a Minor in VLPA. They explore creation and artistic invention through many mediums including sculpture, videography, digital or traditional painting & drawing, music production, or whatever they feel like that day! By making artworks and expressing themselves through creative projects, they hope to find themselves a little more with each piece.

Anmei Gao is a first-year student at UW Bothell, an artist, and a writer. They enjoy using music and poems as their muse for creativity. Although they find comfort within digital mediums, they often find themselves working outside the box and trying new approaches for different ideas.

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident, recently published in Sheepshead Review, Poetry Salzburg Review and Hollins Critic. Latest books, “Leaves On Pages” “Memory Outside The Head” and “Guest Of Myself” are available through Amazon. Work upcoming in Ellipsis, Blueline and International Poetry Review.

Xuanxuan Han is a junior at UW Bothell currently taking up a Bachelor’s degree in Art. She was born in China and grew up in China until 19 years old, and she came to America as an international student. She started drawing ever since middle school.

Grace Houck is a Whidbey Island poet and student. They plan on becoming a teacher, changing the world, and writing thousands of poems. Their greatest goal is to have their words mean something to people.

Jess Chia Hughes is someone who has many identities such as a queer autistic Colombian-American student whose a senior at UWB pursuing two degrees in American and Ethnic Studies and Media and Communication Studies and a minor in creative writing. She likes pursuing different mediums of art: writing poetry and sometimes fiction, film and video editing and singing. She loves learning and exploring new things wants to showcase that through her art.

Connor James was born in Michigan, living in Roseville, Romeo, and Ann Arbor. He graduated from the University of Michigan, receiving his BA in English before working as an English Language Consultant. In 2019, he placed first in prose for Macomb Community College’s ARTIFEX magazine with “Flashes from a Storm.” Presently pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at UW Bothell, Connor James enjoys using science-fiction and fantasy to explore themes of humanity, existence, subversion, and belonging. In his free time, he enjoys video games, Michigan sports, and relaxing with his partner and two cats.

Samantha Johnson is a University of Washington Senior graduating in Winter with a Bachelor’s in Culture, Literature, and Arts with a minor in Creative Writing. She earned her Associate’s Degree in Arts and Sciences from Everett Community College. She was born and raised in Washington state. Her interests include writing, gaming, and comics. She plans on becoming a full-time novelist in the future.

Nina Jouval is a 2021 alum of the University of Washington Bothell and majored in Media and Communication Studies. She enjoys creative expression through writing and photography. Some things that keep her sane include movies, music, cats, and puzzles.

Simon Jouval is an amateur aspiring film/digital photographer. He hopes it may turn into a profession one day. Another one of Simon’s passions is music, of which he often plays guitar, and spins records in his free time. Genres he enjoys range from psychedelic rock, to hip hop, to metal etc.

Matthew Keenan is a Seattle raised photographer, taught himself how to use a camera and edit photos for a little over a year. He mainly does street photography.

David Kim is a 3D hobbyist and student at the University of Washington Bothell.

Sarah King-Scott is a Washington-born poet. Her first poem, “Bonsai,” was published in the American High School Poets Topical Anthology in Winter 2019. Since then, she has gone on to write several more poems about race, gender, and the folly of youth.

Danyl Stephan Kok is a person of thought. Many of his works are centered around the idea of the mind and its limitations. He accumulates thoughts that he wishes to share without having to conform to the limitations of the physical world, but that is simply impossible. To him, the various means by which humans communicate thought can only assemble an idea so accurately. He constantly explores more effective ways of communicating thought with as little interference as possible, and he recently dipped his toe into the idea that common experience is vital to fill in the incompleteness of such a representation.

Josh Kong is a senior at the University of Washington (Bothell) majoring in Media and Communications. He enjoys taking photographs of landscapes and nature which are often taken while hiking.

Justina Le is a graduating senior in Interactive Media Design at the University of Washington Bothell. She is passionate about self-expression through art and design and uses this creative outlet as a branch to share her thoughts and emotions with others. She works with countless mediums both physical and digital to produce works of art not only for the enjoyment of others, but also for herself.

Meta LeCompte is a writer currently located on Duwamish land, pursuing her MFA. When she’s not writing surreal prose, she can be found skiing, swimming, or snuggling with her two cats.

Alysa Levi-D’Ancona is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at UW Bothell. You can find her writing in The RavensPerch and Stories That Need to Be Told 2021. Levi-D’Ancona weaves themes of liminality, culture, language, belonging, and magical realism into her writing, throwing in the occasional absurd joke. @alevidancona

Joe Lollo is a senior at UWB majoring in Culture, Literature & the Arts and Media & Communication Studies, pursuing a career in education. They were an editor for the 2021 Clamor publication, and have had academic, creative, and journalistic work featured in Clamor (’20, ’21), The CROW (’21), The Husky Herald (’18-present), and The Bellevue Bastion (’17, ’18). Joe presently works as a Peer Advisor on campus, as well as earning the title of “resident tall person” at any social gathering from their height of 6’2″.

Corbin Louis is a Seattle singer and poet. His work explores disability and addiction. The artist is an MFA alumni of UWB and 2018 Jack Straw Writers Resident. Corbin’s poetry has been featured in Best American Experimental Writing, Button Poetry and more. You can find his work at corbin-louis.tumblr.com.

Erin Hawkins Luchesi is a Junior at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing a major in Interdisciplinary Arts.

Kerly Lynce is an undergrad at the University of Washington Bothell, studying Media and Communications.

Abigail Mandlin is a University of Washington, Bothell 2020 alum, with a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. She currently splits her time between teaching high schoolers English and writing creatively on the side. She lives happily with her two cats, eagerly awaiting the next stages of her career and looking forward to more future personal growth.

Muhammad Mazz is a first-generation college student at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing a degree in Business Administration and minoring in Media and Communications.

Joan McBride’s poems have appeared in Raven Chronicles, Clamor, Yours Truly, and Nightshade. She studied creative writing at the University of Washington and The Evergreen State College and is currently a student of Dianne Aprile and is working on her first book of poetry. Joan recently retired from the Washington State Legislature and formerly served as Mayor of Kirkland, Washington.

Mynisha McGrew is an African American student born and raised in Seattle Washington. She is pursuing a degree in Health Studies at University of Washington Bothell. Writing is a way for her to express her feelings and to share her experiences. She writes a lot about social justice and issues that affect the world and hopes to reach out and connect to people who feel and relate to the messages.

Hannah Mendro is a UWB/CC library staff member and Cultural Studies graduate student at UW Bothell with a passion for wordplay and storytelling. She loves to explore the spaces left blank in frequently-told stories, and to delve into the emotional core of quiet moments.

Danny Miranda is a senior at UWB majoring in Media and Communications with a minor in Visual Arts. He is also the Station Manager for UWave Radio. On the side, Danny is a photographer with an emphasis on night portraiture and candid photography. Their work can be viewed on their website dannymirandajr.com or their Instagram @whereisdandan

Jorid Muñoz is currently a Junior at UW Bothell majoring in Society Ethics and Human Behavior.

Nicolette Natividad is a Junior in the Media and Communication Studies major at UW Bothell. Poetry has been a love of hers for many years, but this is her first time branching out to publish. She loves films and TV, acting, friends, family, and making memories that last. She hopes to leave her mark on the world somehow, and hopefully this will be her starting point.

Lance Nizami has more than 285 poems in print (not online) in recognized poetry journals, some recent publications being in Dreich and in The Ogham Stone, as of 21 December 2021.

Sky O’Brien (he/him) is a student in the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell. He writes for Dispatches Magazine.

Krissy Oh attends the University of Washington, Bothell. She is majoring in Media and Communication studies and minoring in Business Administration. She enjoys writing, taking photos, and editing videos as those are skills she will need to continue with her studies, and find future opportunities in her field.

Mirai Okamura-Culpepper is a self taught, Japanese, Black and Native American artist. He draws influence from the flow of nature, mythologies, and contents of the unconscious. What started as a hobby in 2017 has evolved into an exploration of the mind. Mirai likens his mind to a cauldron. Thought, symbols, shapes, colors etc… are ingredients. Within the cauldron they mix and intermingle, creating new forms along the way. When he draws, it is a spontaneous burst of creation which draws from the mixing pot. Through learning, reading or being observant, the pot is refilled, only for the cycle to begin again.

Mary Olivanti-Duerksen (zhe, hir, hirs) is a nonbinary multimedia poet and translator. Hir work engages the world of words and grammar, seeking to de-gender gendered language (Spanish and Portuguese) as well as to consider the spectrum of identity resident in the natural world. Zhe currently focuses on the intersectionality of language, gender and justice. Zhe has been published in The Crambo, Clamor, Obra Artifact, and has performed in Brazil, Venezuela and the US.

Sarah Petrov is from Seattle, WA but moved to the East Coast and then back to the West Coast again. In the eight or so times she moved and the chaos that came with it, poetry and art always served as a refuge.

Sam Prudente is a troublemaker who struggles to see clearly. He/They grew up in Guam & Papua New Guinea, then went back to the Philippines for a first shot at college. After ousting dictators & dealing with street violence, t/he/y thrived in advertising & theatre, championed LGBTQIA+ rights, and helped create an industry for ESL. Class of 2019 for BA in Culture, Literature & the Arts, Sam graduates with an MA in Cultural Studies this year, and plans to pursue a Ph.D.

Crystal Sackman is a marketer, artist, and go-getter. A lifelong Snohomish County native and UWB alumna (IAS CLA ’08), Crystal spends her time laughing with her family, experimenting with texture paste and paint, translating engineering jargon, and endlessly ruminating on life.

Elisa Sagisi is a fourth year student double-majoring in Law, Economics, and Public Policy and Society Ethics and Human Behavior with a minor in Diversity at UW Bothell. She is originally from Lakewood, WA and takes pride in her heritage as a Afro Latina and being a first generation student. Her roots in creative writing start from when she was just 10 and has been encouraged to continue to share her work throughout her life.

Elizabeth Salinas is currently writing and working on her first (adult) romance novel “Pittsburgh King.” Elizabeth currently studies Creative Writing at the College of Liberal & Professional Studies at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn LPS Online). When Elizabeth is not working or writing, she is busy being a JCPenney Operations Associate/sales rep in a customer/sales-driven environment.

Terry Sanville lives in San Luis Obispo, California with his artist-poet wife (his in-house editor) and two plump cats (his in-house critics). He writes full time, producing short stories, essays, and novels. His stories have been accepted more than 500 times by journals, magazines, and anthologies including The Potomac Review, The Bryant Literary Review, and Shenandoah. He was nominated twice for Pushcart Prizes and once for inclusion in Best of the Net anthology. Terry is a retired urban planner and an accomplished jazz and blues guitarist – who once played with a symphony orchestra backing up jazz legend George Shearing.

Tori Satterfield is a non-binary, multiracial, Latinx social justice activist who writes about their lived experiences with trauma, poverty, and houselessness. They hope providing insight into these issues will inspire empathy and compassion in their community and nurture relationships across differences.

Marchie Sayas is an aspiring graphic designer. She takes simple things and tries to make them complex. She doesn’t settle for less and will work extra hard to reach and surpass her goal.

Michelle Schaefer is a UW Bothell alumni. She expresses herself through the power of words. She believes that not everything happens as it should but eventually always happens. She believes in hard work and perseverance as the only options for achieving success.

Irene Shin is a student who hates all discrimination and hatred.

Wendi Shively grew up in Northern Virginia and has lived in Western Washington for the last 25 years. She will be graduating in Spring 2022 from UWB, majoring in Community Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing. She is a lover of animals and nature. She is mother to two children Amber and Niko and to her four fur babies Wilbur, Sasha, Luna, and Ella. She loves the adventure of travel and being creative. She hopes to publish her written work in the form of a book someday soon.

Alexandria Simmons is a life-long writer of prose, and a converted poet, falling in love with the writing form quickly and deeply as a form of self-expression and as a means to herald differing perspectives on a controversial society. She completed her bachelor’s degree from Seattle Pacific University in 2017: Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and Communication and is currently spending her days working hard to earn her MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at UW Bothell. Her recent work focuses on humanity, mental illness, clashing perspectives on realism, and femininity.

Christen Solberg is an artist based in Shoreline, Washington. She has lived in the Pacific Northwest her entire life. She and her husband have four fur children: Fonzi (Maltese Poodle), Ferguson (Chocolate lab), Pistachio (Golden retriever), and Mildred (Chihuahua). The love of her life, Fitzgerald Scout Marshall, crossed the rainbow bridge in December. She misses him every minute of every day. Her heart breaks for anyone who has to go through this and she only hopes that the painting of your beloved pet can honor them as well as bring you peace and love.

Samaya Sullivan is a Community Psychology major in her final year at the University of Washington Bothell after transferring from Shoreline Community College. She is a half Filipino and bisexual woman, and has been writing poetry for the better part of a decade. Samaya’s work serves as an emotional outlet for her, often revolving around themes such as social issues, mental health, heartbreak, grief, and love. Though she studies psychology, Samaya dreams to one day publish a book of her own poetry. She reminds everyone to love endlessly, fight hate, and live it big time.

Viola Tabares is a senior majoring in Educational Studies with a minor in diversity. She started painting at a young age, feeling inspired from her grandmother. Art is her escape from school work and homework, it brings her peace. She enjoys painting nature in relation to people. She hopes to be able to share her art more with the public in the future. She does acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, makes clay jewelry and enjoys painting on rocks. She looks forward to her future in education and hopes to implement art in her teachings.

Devin Taing is an introverted UWB student studying mechanical engineering who enjoys witnessing nature and pondering the relationship of humanity to the world. In what scarce free time is available as a STEM student, putting into words the complexity of the natural world and its personal meanings are one of his greatest joys.

Cora Thomas is an Artist. Advocate. Academic. When all three coalesce into a single project she feels as though that’s her best work. The natural world inspires her to drive to create every time. Other interests that capture her heart include film, digital storytelling, podcasting, photography, mindfulness meditation, and hiking always. Her number one favorite poet is Mary Oliver. Cora is an alumna of the UW Bothell MACS program and works at the UWB and Cascadia Campus Library.

César Torres (1994) is a Venezuelan writer and translator. He studies Classic Literature and has translated poems from Latin and Ancient Greek into Spanish. In 2021 He wrote the little book “parodiae,” a mixture of poetry, visual art and diary notes.

John Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many disparate literary journals since 2009. fritzware.com/johntustinpoetry contains links to his published poetry online.

Kylie Weaver is a senior at the University of Washington, Bothell, dual majoring in Media & Communications Studies and Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. Through visual mediums, she has come to fall in love with the PNW and its gloomy beauty by spending time in nature and embracing its rawest forms. Within a fast-paced world, nature has taught her patience, appreciation, and the importance of self-love.

Eric Westman started drawing at an early age, but didn’t take up painting until later in life. He idolized Salvador Dalí and M.C. Escher, which drove his passion to create surrealistic art. It was when he took a landscape and color theory class that he discovered the underlying beauty and deeper meaning in landscape art. His goal is to create 30 works that feature the Pacific Northwest, and show them in a gallery. Most of his current works are derived from photos he took while hiking, or driving around Oregon and Washington.

Matthew Livezey Whitehurst was born lowercase-d deaf, growing up in Belgium. He moved to Washington State in 2016, earning a BA in Cultural Studies & Interdisciplinary Art from The Evergreen State College in Olympia. There he studied film and animation, producing a few short animations and a feature-length film in collaboration with two others from his class. Now he finds himself working on an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at UW Bothell.

Simon Wolf has his MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell. His work has been published with Leveler Poetry, Seattle’s Poetry on Buses, and featured in ‘Coastal Poets – A Reading and Film Festival’. These poems come from his experience with the Duwamish River and the lines the river has pushed him down.

Minyoung Yoo has observed this adorable, sometimes quirky creature as a cat person. Meanwhile, Minyoung Yoo accidentally encountered a cat-shaped artwork in the “Drawing in The Air” series, artwork by Korean installation artist Lee Sang-soo. Minyoung Yoo was inspired by his artwork of expressing a cat in a curved line. So, Minyoung Yoo wrote a poem called “Stretching.” “Stretching” is a friendly poem depicting the moment a cat stretches and approaches you. The poem describes the cat’s soft fur, light steps, and elegant gestures gently.

Celina Yu is a freshman currently enrolled at the University of Washington Bothell.

Lawrence Zephier-Reed is a new poet learning how to express his loss, love, and passions in literary form. He is a loving, caring, and mature individual who desires growth and adventure. A long story for a young man who has been through so much and wants to learn how to express his feelings in a healthy form. He is a Native poet from the Hualapai Tribe in Peach Springs Arizona currently graduating in the Engineering discipline. He hopes you all enjoy his words and can take some positive things from his writings

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