Visual Art 2022

Tushigmaa Ariunbileg| Self-Portrait, Unhappy at 19

Zhewen Chen | Dreaming of Being Back Home

Cheryl Chudyk | Educator Exodus / Mask up, Children

Cheryl Chudyk | The 5th Round of Remote Learning

Win Chantieng | Minimalism

David Dinh | Lost But Already Found

Dana Doran, The Baroness of Eads | King Cock

Dana Doran, The Baroness of Eads | New World Order: Flight of the Elites, 2021

Dana Doran | Tech Tyranny: The Last Card, 2022

Jason A. Estrada Vargas | Light In The Darkness

Madison Galiardi | Laugh

Anmei Gao | Abyssal Zone (Visual Art)

Anmei Gao | The Wind Weeps – Detached Fractures

Xuanxuan Han | Whale is dying

Jess Chia Hughes | Green Sunshine

Simon Jouval | Rue de Rivoli

Matthew Keenan | Smoke Screen

David Kim | The Pale King from Hollow Knight

Danyl Stephan Kok | Talvassus

Josh Kong | Lost

Joe Lollo | Postcards From Tacoma Narrows

Kerly Lynce | Wish

Danny Miranda | Night Adventures

Jorid Muñoz | Cannot See, The Forest for The Trees

Mirai Okamura-Culpepper | Infinity

Sarah Petrov | Healing

Crystal Sackman | Bring Your Whole Self To Work

Marchie Sayas | Dahon

Marchie Sayas | Kitty

Christen Solberg | Max and Bowser

Viola Tabares | Jaguar

Viola Tabares | Mariposa

Kylie Weaver | Beautiful and Gloomy PNW

Eric Westman | Bristlecone Pine, Nevada

Eric Westman | Yakima, Washington

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