Abyssal Zone (Creative Writing)

Anmei Gao

The bottomless pit of unknown discoveries. Only 5% of the ocean’s mass has been discovered. What more life could there be? There is so much that is unknown about the water depths. That seems to dive deeper

and deeper



Under the large masses of fish that brush past, the silence that is only filled with rushing water and a sense of peace. 

Maybe you will never understand. I certainly don’t think I will either.

Oh, but I wish we could feel it. The clarity, the enlightenment that we could never achieve on land. 

A part of the world that is so undiscovered yet full of life, of freedom.

Don’t you wonder too?

The ocean abyss is a very intriguing place. It terrifies most, scaring everybody off with it’s spiraling drop. With the creatures that dwell in it.

It’s the never-ending bottom of the ocean. Where no light can touch and the pressure is insanely crushing. That no human has traveled that far down without losing air. 

The ones that do survive, are accompanied by a giant metal tube to continue living in this dark atmosphere. A tube that helps them go deeper into the depths and the terrifying unknown.

Where the animals that live and breathe without light from the sun. They survive by taking and giving to each other, skin, meat, light. They coexist to live in harmony. In a single breath.

This area is known as the Abyssal Zone.

So little is known about life in these deep environments. Almost every expedition uncovers something new. 

Each dive into the abyss is another risk of seeing something that we should see. 

As it is known, life in the depths is quite…secretive.

In the freezing temperatures of the deep, it can be quite lonely. Life is spare in the abyss, but it’s not impossible for the creatures to be undisturbed. We have not discovered much, there could be something bigger and greater. 

Though, I don’t think the dark creatures need our company. 

We need them.

(Curiosity is a wonder isn’t it)

For the sun to reach the ocean depths, wouldn’t that be so strange? 

All that learned to survive within the dark. 

Could they live longer? 

Love stronger.

(They weren’t born into it were they. They learned, they survived.)

(Even in the pressure that would turn rock into dust.)

(They breathed and went in deeper.)

Outside the pressure that the animals are comfortable with. That they are used to. They turn into a glob of meat. The pressure no longer holds the structure of their body up.

No longer helps them stay in form, they are in utter disarray in their own puddle of themselves, lost in their own skin. 

We do the same.

Running circles in an endless deep spiral of confusion once we are out of the pressure that holds us together. 

Yet sometimes it makes us stronger.

Though the darkest part of the ocean is where no light touches, the light from the bodies of the creatures illuminates the darkness, allowing them to see. 

To draw in creatures who feel compelled to get closer. 

The light is such a mystery to them, something they haven’t seen before. 

So, they come closer

And closer



It gulps.

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