Lance Nizami

Imaginary triangles fly into me
Each one is tones in sequence
Air thumps to me, now, regularly; I enter trance
Where is the perfect world outside my dreams?
Here, squares collide with triangles, all noise and discord
We shout to change the ambience as ambience changes us
Let’s exile elders now, we cannot wait for funerals, no time
Struggle, tiredness, hardship
The sound-shards, broken, shatter all around
Spheres float up, in black and white cloud-banks of daytime
They’re mass-consumed inside a graying sun
Horizontal glare-bar fills the wall, and turns to vertical
Back and forth and back and forth, the flickering’s fast
There’s background noise, a thousand feet in perfect marching step
Meanwhile, on white paper, black squares are joined by arrowed lines
All shift, confuse, and multiply
The helicopter lurches, lifts; guns stutter, bark
Our enemy now swarms across the dry-land

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