Amor Veneris

Celestial Carvalho

You, the Clitoris
Amor Veneris, the sublime organ of female pleasure
That is, You
How dare they call you an underdeveloped penis
How dare they assume, distort and dismiss your powers
Powers that bring the female human body into ecstasy
As if
All the names they give you…
It. Makes. Me. Sad.
They call You,

“little man in the boat”

“rose bud”

“tiny meat”


“devil’s teat”

“lil’ button”

“devil’s doorbell”


That isn’t you
You are so much more powerful and complex than that
They, this phallus-centric society we live in, need to know about you
We have all been touched by you, caressed almost, as we pass into this world
You, the clitoris
Everyone says you’re a vagina, a reproductive canal, a sword sheath
You are not the vulva, the external lips, and urethral opening
You are not the mons either
These names kill me when I hear them talking about You

I learned what they called You, Clitoris
In the medieval era
Pudere, to make ashamed, the shame translating to women to be shameful

You, the Clitoris
You are only hidden when the culture says you should be
But you are intricate
Deep like the ocean
Only your glans clitoris and clitoral hood can be seen on the external body
But I know you’re more than that deeper within the body

The clitoral glans and hood are just the tip of the iceberg
Your bulb of vestibules in the shape of tear drops
Surround the vaginal opening and urethral opening in a hug
The corpus cavernosum arch over the tear dropped shaped bulb of vestibule
The dive deep, nine centimeters, into the pelvis
The little tips of the crus clitoris ending the dive
You, the clitoris is deep and intricate

You are beautiful, natural, bountiful like a basket of powerful sensation bubbles
Clitoris, the one who allows for orgasms
Sexual Pleasure, sensation, erotic sensation
Sexual experiencing and exploration

Needs to be created in marble
For all to see
For all to know
For all to witness the splendor and intricacy
A miraculous creation of biology, magnificent, immaculate
You, the clitoris
You, the clitoris
You are real
You are visible
You are not an infantile penis
You are not useless
You are powerful
You are a beholder of






Exploratory Adventures


power of the clitoris

Beholders of the clitoris are NOT owners of something
worthless or invisible
No longer should moral judgments or self-criticism harass the clitoris
Harass the clitoris to deny erotic ecstasy in fear of being disgusting
Challenge the idea that the clitoris translates to penis envy
Challenge those who harass the clitoris with violent cultural ideologies
You, the clitoris
A profound creation with a profound history
An organ worthy of celebration

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