2014 Contributors

Fatima Al-Shemary is an Iraqi-American student at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in Culture, Literature and Arts and a minor in Education. In her spare time she reads, writes, paints, and draws, among other things. She hopes to be an accomplished writer, poet, artist and teacher.

Ian Almacen is in the Media and Communication Studies major. Having a strong connection to the digital world, he wanted to explore how we express ourselves through this medium. From our thoughts to a shareable medium, our highly digital world grants us countless possibilities to communicate.

Nathaniel St. Amour is a Washington DC based artist with a fine arts degree from The University of Tampa. He specializes in painting and drawing mediums such as oil, acrylic, pen and colored pencil, but often takes forays into digital media. His work typically revolves around mankind’s interaction with technology and how it has changed the way we interact with the world around us, as well as our very definition of art.

Tierney Andrew graduated Winter quarter 2013 with a Media and Communication Studies degree from UWB. She has always been inspired and intrigued by a medium in which you can directly reflect how you see the world onto others. To her, photography is a form of expression, language, and a way of experiencing the world. This photo is a self- portrait and an expression of the many tensions that life can present. This was intended to have a self-reflexive undertone that the audience can experience by projecting themselves as a marionette and by the tensions that they personally feel are prominent in their lives

Deborah Caplow teaches a variety of art history courses in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts at UW Bothell, including Mexican Art and Culture, Art, Politics and Social Change, Women in Art, American Art, and History of Photography. Her specialty is Mexican art, but she is also interested in art, music and cultures of many countries. She loves to travel, and has been spending time in Mexico, Portugal and Spain. Wherever she goes, she takes photographs of places, buildings, works of art, odd sights and graffiti. Sometimes she also take photographs of people.

Margaret Chiavetta started out as an anthropologist working with monkeys. She is currently working on my MFA at the University of Washington Bothell. She writes both fiction and nonfiction.

Tiffany Chuang has always been awed and fascinated with the depth and mystery of shells. They have their own story and history embedded within layers, hidden from the surface. There is always more than what meets the eye in shells. Also, Lord of the Flies has always been one of her favorite classic novels. The conch shell in the story symbolizes and represents a multitude of complexities of society, human nature, and a struggle with one’s self; and so the piece became her inspiration for the sculpture.

Kate Clark began utilizing Photoshop software in one of her classes at UWB: BISIA 483 Advanced Art Workshop: Post Modern Fiction Thru Photoshop, with Professor Joe Milutis, Autumn quarter 2013. She loved this class and had so much fun learning a new process to produce and create art. Postmodernism esteems independent experience and subjective investigation as foundations for understanding. Postmodernism respects questions more than answers. “The role of the painter . . . is to project that which sees itself in him.” – Max Ernst

Clayton Keen Cooke is a Culture Literature and Arts major at UW Bothell. He usually writes short fiction and screenplay, but has had a long relationship with spoken word, and hip-hop. His hope is to continue his education after completing my current program. He will be applying to the Creative Writing MFA program offered at UW Bothell, as well as other MFA programs in the area.

Casey Corcoran is a senior majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts and is planning on attending graduate school to study English.

Sandy D’Entremont blends the principles of many mystery traditions into her work, inviting serendipity, magic, and laughter into all her projects. A graduate student at the University of Washington, Bothell, Sandy makes her home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, sharing twenty acres with her fisherman husband and two adventurous Labrador retrievers.

Dana Doran writes: Three years ago, if someone had looked into my future and told me that I would graduate near the top of my class with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary art, I most likely would have dismissed the prediction as fantasy. Forty years after I started my degree, the idea of finishing what I started so long ago presented a daunting task. Just when most people are planning retirement, I set in motion a plan to follow my passion—making art that provokes a response. “Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.” ― Charles Bukowski

Stephanie Driessel writes and learns about all the things! She connects with others by rethinking social norms and expectations through writing and prosetry.

Mark Eaton is an access student at UW Bothell. He resides in Kenmore, Washington and is employed by the Northshore School District working at Canyon Park Junior High, also in Bothell. He served for two decades as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State and wrote many of his poems abroad while on foreign assignment. He is married and has three grown children.

Marinna Ewing writes: This is a scene of the Arctic, which represents the increase of global temperature and how it is affecting the environment and its species. Animals are becoming more threatened and endangered due to change in climate and humans. It is a call to action that we need to prevent rises in temperatures and extinction of animals.

Michelle Stephania Fessler is a first-year student at UW Bothell. Growing up, she was always encouraged by family, friends, and teachers to write stories and continues to do so today. Currently, she is heavily influenced by her Italian heritage, specific events in her life, video games, and many other forms of media. She would like to thank her mom for all the love and support she has provided.

Gizelle Fletcher was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She spends most of her waking, writing hours in conversation with whichever literary minds will listen. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Blackberry: A Magazine, Sinister Wisdom, and Kinfolks Quarterly. She lives in Seattle with her books. She does not own a cat.

Rediet Getahun is a recent graduate from UWB with a double major of Global Studies and Media & Communication Studies. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Rediet is inspired by the reach and beautiful culture of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Although her photograph for an Environmental Restoration project is the first to be published, she wants to be introduced as a painter. She believes that no artist should be limited to one medium for that reason.

Evan Gilbert can’t do biographies; he can barely do multiple choice questions. He gets confused, paranoid. Should he give a list of statistics? Height: 5’6. Hair Color: Bleach Bottled Blonde. Occupation: Busboy and Tutor. Should he give a list of events? Born in 1994, joined Facebook in 2010, and learned to swim never. Should he answer the ‘who am I’ question? He is a male, a pre-law student, a Beyoncé lover, and a cheesecake enthusiast. Is this a biography? He doesn’t know; he can’t do biographies.

Miles Patrick Goetz is an aspiring novelist, short story writer, and poet. He was first inspired to write after reading the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Afterwards, he moved on to other writers in a variety of different styles. His greatest influences are Yukio Mishima, Herman Melville, Vladimir Nabokov, Walt Whitman, Arthur Rimbaud, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, and Yasunari Kawabata.

Katie Graham is a UW Bothell student who works in mixed media drawing and painting.

Dylan Hall is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington Bothell majoring in Media and Communication Studies through the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences school. His goal is to have a career directly involved with interactive media and to present its educational value to a general audience. Dylan draws inspiration from introspective analysis and mindful practices.

Lauri Hannon, a Seattle native, is a senior at UW Bothell, majoring in Media & Communication studies. Lauri writes: “I have always been interested in the arts and attending UW Bothell has enhanced this passion. Learning is a lifelong process and is never complete. Creating something from nothing fascinates me. I am also very glad to have enrolled in the class, BISIA350 Photography and Digital Art, which gave my favorite mannequin “Megan” a chance to become alive”.

Danyelle Harp is a photographer and graphic designer with a Media and Communication Studies degree from the University of Washington, Bothell. As an artist and businesswoman, she plans to expand her photography and graphic design business, Magic Look Photo & Design. Her passion and knowledge of horses and has allowed her to sculpt her business to specialize in the equine industry, allowing her to work in an environment that she is both passionate about and familiar with. She can be found at http://www.magiclookdesign.com.

Brian Holliday is a conceptual photographer, creating images and ideas that tell a story.

Christyn Hutchens is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Washington Bothell, and she hopes to further her education with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy. She works in a variety of mediums, from drawing, painting, collage and mixed media, to ceramics, photography and performance; Art is a big part of her everyday life.

Gina Hutter is a dedicated graduate student, family member, friend, partner, and entrepreneur. Her motivation stems from her personal desire to drive social change within the intersections of health, art, and business. Being an artist is a way of life, even when life does not allow for the physical production of artistic artifacts. She wants to personally thank Kanta for giving her the opportunity to contribute to her education through art.

Suman P. Jampala began writing poetry at the age of 10, and still continues to do so. He publishes most of his poetry pseudonymously online, and is currently pursuing a major in CSS.

Emily Jensen is a senior at UW Bothell majoring in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. This is the first time she has ever submitted her work. Even though she has studied different forms of photography for over 8 years, she has never pursued it professionally and enjoys keeping her art as a hobby. She is inspired by nature and the travels and adventures she goes on.

Qin Jason Jin has been taking photos ever since he decided to study abroad here at UWB. All the photos he took are his treasures that bring him so much joy and tears.

Todd Kelley is a self-taught Artist, working with multiple media and mediums.

Navarre Kerr is a senior majoring in Media and Communication Studies and Community Psychology with a Human Rights minor. He has been doing photography since his sophomore year of high school, where he worked for his school’s student newspaper The Hawkeye. His favorite types of photography are nature and sports and his favorite place to photograph is at Paradise in Mount Rainer National Park.

Kara Kopkas grew up in a family surrounded by artists and a deep appreciation for the arts. Her love for the world of design and photography is inspired by anything and everything. Beauty comes to us in all forms, it’s just a matter of paying attention.

Matt Libby is a senior at UW Bothell and a full-time employee at Boeing. His submissions in this year’s edition of Clamor were taken during a study abroad trip in Zambia last summer, where he studied international development and worked with NGOs and schools on gender equality. A self-taught photographer, he specializes in portrait and landscape.

Brenda Lightle graduated with a Culture, Literature, and the Arts degree at UWB in 2013. She continues to write poetry when she finds a spare moment between carpooling, grocery shopping for two teenage sons and walking the dog.

Jonathan Seth Matteson is a Fine Arts undergraduate student at Washington State University. Please visit his website at http://www.jsmatteson.com

Colin McArthur is a writer and editor living and working in God’ chosen place: Seattle, Washington. He is originally from God’s forgotten place: Wickenburg, Arizona. He and his wife live in a neighborhood with sidewalks, which is all he could ever have hoped for.

Rachael Meares is a senior in the Global Studies program and a student worker at the Diversity Outreach Recruitment Offices in Admissions. UW Bothell has been the most impactful experience of her life thus far; so impactful that I do not plan on leaving. Instead, she will continue her work in Admissions as an advisor. She wants to show other students the value of education and the many unique opportunities that UW Bothell offers such as Clamor, study abroad, and more. For her final quarter of her BA she took advantage of student resources and traveled to India with the UW Foster School of Business with 18 other students. She left a part of her heart in India but gained many insights, inspirations and beautiful photos. She thinks that it is important to share your insights, inspirations and beautiful photos with others to keep these events alive.

Israel Medrano is a filmmaker and Photographer located in Seattle who has traveled all over the world working on personal projects and to do commercial work with the goal that each project conveys a visual creative message to a mass audience.

Heather Leigh Miles is a sentimental Southerner who communicates through food and is fueled by words. She is a very productive laugher. Dramatically expressive and a nearly obsessive fan of hyperbole, the Alabama native and recent UWB grad is currently dividing her time between New Orleans, LA and San Francisco, CA.

Razvan Morar lived in Romania and England before moving to the U.S. When it comes to art, he tries to be like a sponge. He appreciates literature, music, painting and film and then tries to pour out his own art with a tint of familiarity. He practices writing and music.

Sue Morgan is new to photography, and has become more aware of her surroundings (good or bad) with camera in hand.

Kelsey Nicholls is a US Navy Veteran and current student at the University of Washington Bothell. She resorts to “word-spillage” as a way to get the creative juices moving, but finds herself repeatedly editing and paring pages back to short, often abstract pieces. She enjoys writing poetry as well, and both genres of her creative works often deal with themes of questioning, self-exploration, and occasional martial notes.

Mark Orines is an amateur photographer from the Seattle area. Though he didn’t consider himself handy with a camera, his self-taught style in finding an eye for certain subjects has aided him in learning to appreciate the aesthetics in subjects he finds in his walks across Seattle.

A. Ajay Pellegrini writes: As an artist, I am deeply fascinated by the idea that the world is flooded with images of flawless faces and manufactured stereotypes. The goal of my work is to provoke a conversation about how easily images can be distorted with in-camera techniques and how those distortions begin to weave themselves into the fabric of our cultural and political identities.

Alex Petersen was born in the Midwest in 1989, raised in eastern Iowa, and educated in Cedar Falls at the University of Northern Iowa. He completed his degree in 2011 with a BFA in studio art; Minor in Art History. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon. He is employed teaching children for a non-profit after school arts program, k-5. When awake he spends time making art from his studio, reading books, and writing fiction.

Billy Phillips is a poet interested in high imagination in creative writing. He is one of the students from the M.F.A’s first cohort, and now works on poems and prose.

Harrison Pierce works toward his goal of mastering the written word in various mediums, focusing particularly on poetry and novels. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, he thrives among the natural Seattle cityscape and the bountiful evergreens. His first novel, Regenesis, is available through Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats and its sequel is due out in late 2014.

Ashley Policarpio writes: Painting is both a passion and therapy for me, where at often times I find myself getting lost in my work. I paint upon request and on my free time, it’s something I’ve loved to do since I was a child.

Talena Lachelle Queen is the founder and president of Her Best Self, a nonprofit organization that fosters leadership qualities in young women. She is an elementary school teacher specializing in Middle Level Humanities and a MFA student in the inaugural Creative Writing & Poetics program at the University of Washington, Bothell. She is native to Paterson, NJ; loves her children and poetry.

Evan Reyes is a great, unstable mass of blood and foam. He believes stars are the headlights of angels. He ain’t ever been with your little hoodrat friend and he’s tired of singing his heart out every night. In an interstellar burst, he is back to save the universe. This traveling around is gonna be the death of him. Evan doesn’t wanna get over you.

Raman Sachdev is a Tampa based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performing musician, and a recording engineer. He covers the bases from pop and rock to acoustic folk. He has won several international songwriting competitions and has had many of his vocal and instrumental recordings placed in film, TV, and commercials. Raman Sachdev’s music cue placements include but are not limited to: MTV: 16 and Pregnant, The Hills, Made, True Life, Teen Mom, Made. NBC: The Nate Berkus Show, Late Night with Carson Daly. FOX SPORTS: Indie Sportsfishing. ANIMAL PLANET: Last Chance Highway, Puppy Bowl VII. VH1: Short List, Audrina, Single Ladies. SYLE NETWORK: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, Dish. DISCOVERY NETWORK: Chasing Classic Cars. TV LAND: Harry Loves Lisa. BRAVO: Flipping Out, Rocco’s Dinner Party. SUNDANCE CHANNEL: Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys. VERSUS: Dirt Knights, UFC Countdown. OXYGEN: Running Russell Simmons. WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT: Joan and Melissa.

Kat Seidemann describes herself this way: Poet with more vice than versa. Born in NYC and teethed on moon-rock. Proud MFA student; humble writer; lover of clever puns, pinball, and the Rolling Stones; reader of dictionaries; proponent of the semicolon; speaker of twaddle and clothed in Freudian slips. I am an old soul shored up by immaturity (and punk rock). I rarely meet a useless fact or anthropomorphism that I don’t like.

Sue Selmer is a lifelong eastside resident, born in Kirkland and living in the Bothell area. She earned an MLS from the University of Washington, and spent her career in public library work. Now retired from librarianship, she enjoys writing, reading, gardening, and hiking, with a special interest in Northwest natural history.

Travis Sharp is a poet, cross-genre writer, book artist, and MFA student in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell. His writing has appeared in Pacifica Literary ReviewEnhance, and Crack the Spine, among others; work is forthcoming from MadHatLit and Circle. He is co-founder and co-editor of Small Po[r]tions  and letter [r] press and is an editor and designer for the UWB Policy Journal. With other UWB MFA students, he co-curated the interactive and collaborative e-book project Blood of an Author Box. For more info, visit TravisASharp.com.

Slavic Stasyuk is a Media and Communications Student major who enjoys the outdoors, good tea, and anything that is designed well.

Andrew Stone is a self-described Interdisciplinary “Multimediaist” who is driven by creativity collaboration and creation.

Rebecca Stusser is pursuing her undergrad in Business Management, with the hopes to achieve monumental success as a savvy business-women in Human Resources/Recruiting. She enjoys expressing her innermost feelings through the form of poetry, acting, dance and other arts. When she isn’t hidden in her books, you can find her doing what she is most passionate about: teaching Zumba. She is honored to be featured in the 2014 edition of Clamor and hopes that you truly enjoy and feel what her abstract piece is relaying.

Madison Taylor is currently a senior majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts. Having worked with a wide variety of mediums over the years, her artwork recently transformed into experimental mixed media pieces, which frequently incorporate a unique image transferring technique. Most of her creations draw its inspiration from her eclectic collection of music, the vibrant Pacific Northwest culture, and her love for contemporary art.

Cora Thomas grew up in the North Cascades and being exposed to such beauty has heavily influenced her development as a writer and artist. Nature’s inspiration has shaped her soul, heart, and mind. Cora is an aspiring author and digital storyteller. In 2013, she earned a MA in Cultural Studies from UW Bothell and hopes to continue her work in higher education to improve student success strategies especially for first generation college students.

September Thorlin is from Seattle, WA and holds a BA in Political Science with a minor in German Cultural Studies from the University of Washington, and is currently completing a second BA at the University of Washington Bothell in Community Psychology. September is drawn to poetry out of linguistic interests, and experiments with multilingual and narrative poetry. Additionally, September studies a broad array of dance forms, as a dance company member and soloist.

Cynthia Tran writes: The thrill of street art is that it’s risky, yet fulfilling to be able to catch an audience’s eyes and send their message. The many street artists I’m inspired by influence this artwork. My painting is of a street artist who is painting in the night with just the light coming from a street lamp. I chose to portray a surrealist version of the street artist’s perspective. I’m experimenting with creating a real life background of the Seattle skyline and in the light is how the artist revels his version of the artwork.

Lisa Utz writes: The aesthetic behind my semi-abstract landscapes or what I affectionately call my “space between” paintings originated with my early childhood love of story books where the illustration was always on the top part of the page and the written word solidly below. When I start a painting I probably spend too much time thinking about some higher idea, something specific and meaningful. After a period of time it all becomes very intuitive, its play with color and texture and I often end up somewhere far different then I first imagine without any recollection of how I got there.

Vivian Wang is a senior student at UWB. She is not an artist but has a huge appreciation for the power of Art. She believes Art is the most direct and organic way to inspire people.

Caleb White is originally from Juneau, AK and moved to Seattle several years ago to pursue a degree in Media Communication Studies at the University of Washington. In his free time he enjoys photography, snowboarding, bar-tending, reading and freelance journalism.

Barbara Wilson came to the US with her husband about 16 years ago from England, and took art classes in California. She began painting murals in acrylic paint, the largest was 60ft x30ft. She also paints in oil and acrylic on canvas. Since moving to Seattle, she has become fascinated with the urban environment. She loves to paint the rain and reflective surfaces. She has been lucky enough to have been awarded several public art projects. Her work can be seen on Bainbridge at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery.

Sarah Wilson is a senior and UWB MCS major. She enjoys all forms of art everything from 2-D to 3-D. Photography is a new artistic expression for her and she learns something about it with every photo she takes.









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