2014 Poetry

Brenda Lightle, Barking, A Translation (Symphony)

Brenda Lightle, Drum Lesson # 1

Brenda Lightle, There’s No Place Like Home

Candace Butler, Marina del Rey

Candace Butler, The Box

Casey Corcoran, Most of My Thoughts Do Not Occur In the Shower

Casey Corcoran, Sitting In My Room Alone After Telling My Roommates That I Am Going To Work

Cora Thomas, Pulse of the Earth

Corbin Louis, Away From Shore

Corbin Louis, Woman of Stars

Dylan Hall, On Life

Evan Gilbert, sex tape

Evan Louro-Reyes, Total Domination IPA

Evan Louro-Reyes, We Are Incompatible

Fatima Al-Shermary, The MASTER Piece

Gizelle Fletcher, Songs for the Voiceless

Gizelle Fletcher, The Aftermath 

Harrison Pierce, Untitled #12

Heather Miles, Ark

Joan McBride, Waiting Room

Kat Seidemann, Four Seasons in Seattle

Katie Graham, Unfamiliar

Kelsey Nicholls, Borrowed Boots 

Kelsey Nicholls, Not Hemmingway

Logan Compau, Commutation

Logan Compau, Five October Afternoons, Dismantled

Mark Eaton, Rue Carthage 

 Mark Eaton, Strong Brown God

Miles Goetz, Seeking a Scattered Shadow

Razvan Morar, Self Portrait as Zero

Rebecca Stusser, Gnaw My Inwards

September Thorlin, Years Long Conversation

Stephanie Driessel, Frozen

Stephanie Driessel, Sightseeing

Sue Selmer, Driving Home from the Wedding

Sue Selmer, Wind

Suman Jampala, The Madness

Talena Lachelle Queen, How Do I Tell Them?

Travis Sharp, Some Things We Take With Us When We Leave

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