Corbin Louis, Woman of Stars

A highly personal thought in her head

I want to extract it with my teeth


suck the gold fibers from her brain

and fill my bones with helium


She rises to the sun


The water is pastel

white foam from her skin


All the world seems to be in her

gyrating from eons of light

eyes that glow like blue flames


I want to crack her skull

and sip the moonlight from her

bone marrow


I don’t believe in God but I prey like a wolf


Hot spit on my tongue

She licks the room with her eyes

kisses me with a smile and says



She can never know my kind

fangs of light in my mouth—

drool on the stars


She embodies the silence of tombs

delicate as snowfall, crystal prisms

a lemniscate etched in her curves


I want to break her a million times


I know I shouldn’t

leave her be

never say a thing


Sit in class and watch her beauty

flow outwards—

The world a reflection of her immensit

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