Logan Compau, Commutation

Yesterday I exhaled
forgetting how far it was between us
I tried to get it back
before the doors winced open
pulling my silence outside
snapping back I breathed it in
causing every soul to shift over
to the next body available
the next stops doors to open by a moan
and everyone’s eyes
to twitch towards each other

Fragile communication pulls the power out
of the metal ribcage
it devoured my verse in retaliation
reset the others
as the seats below our fog
tried their best to ignore us
my knee pressed against the seat in front
marking where I couldn’t move to

I trembled on the edge of my breathing
hoping I wasn’t noticed by the reflections
of tobacco signs and crosswalks
Stop requested
the music starts routinely
as does the morphine air quality
through the frost on the window
it seems easier to talk with you

You let me sleep on your shoulder once
hoping I would stay with you a time longer
before they returned
in your sleep you seemed scared
but aware of the lack of moonlight
the eyes twitched back to us
we let the sounds of our relationship sink
into the cement
only to stab back into the tires
and lay still on the windows until
Stop Requested

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