Rebecca Stusser, Gnaw My Inwards

Slender physique: Bone thin. Flat as a pancake.

See that little girl bend? What TALENT, FLEXIBILITY, spaghetti legs.

Sassiness, sexiness, sauciness encompass her body as she moves to the rhythm of the oscillating waves.

Never blending in with the other “ingredients.”

Born to stand out.


Both candied and sweet she was, indeed,

But then a hint of lemon bitterness intercede.


The initiation of hormonal cycles stimulate the pubescent young woman.

No choice but to be given a “lovely” bunch of coconuts and two buns that need toasting to be firm.

Chemical imbalance; in a pickle.

Fighting with that extra sugar coat which “lightly” positions itself in unwanted areas.

“All fixed” yet something is missing…going bananas.

Provoking thoughts escalate— worsens.

Stuck inside an exterior that leaves her half empty and raw to the world.

Restriction then consumption, distortion of perception, affliction with moderation.

Overflowing the mind, then spill…

Destroy thyself to reach pure “perfection.”

Controlling what ablestill, comparing apples to oranges.

One smart cookie: clairvoyant of wrong doings; easier said than done.

No need for buttering her up. She won’t believe you: sees differently.

Battling the most disastrous disturbance in her life; won’t those various cognitive aspirations go away?

She’ll never be that— Why bother trying?

Missing her diminutive version; what’s to be done? The vehemence to respect herself.

“Consuming” what the human body needs to survive on: not a piece of cake.


Looking through these old recital tapes…

Reminisce: superficial perfection.

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