Sue Selmer, Driving Home from the Wedding

Our thoughts linger in the golden day,

hot sun on gardens and wedding arbor,

sunflower meadow below canyon walls,

the rock-climbing couple, lean and fit,

the call of a raptor during the vows.


Then music, greetings, laughter, feast,

and guests retreated to shady trees.

The groom too reserved, the bride danced away,

a winsome nymph, teasing and flirty,

lovely in white.


The gift of blue late summer weather,

spending it all for this day of promise,

held us in warm embrace, and we,

unwilling to leave and break the spell,

but crossing the pass is dangerous at night.


Now we head west as shadows grow.

Suddenly sirens race from behind.

Just ahead, biker gang, one down

on the darkening road, stealing last light,

that body, now shrouded, white.

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