2015 Contributors

Fatima Al-Shemary writes: My favorite color is yellow. I love writing and reading poetry and short stories. I speak Arabic and English. I’m an Iraqi-American. I like ramen noodles with eggs and veggies, Ponyo style. I’m in college pursuing a degree in Culture, Literature and the Arts. I live in Lynnwood and I wear boots nearly every day. I’m not much of a dog person, but I love little chihuahuas and kittens.

Christian Arciniega is a senior graduating June of 2015 with a Media and Communications and Global studies double major. Christian credits her love of writing to her introduction to creative writing where she became inspired to explore word play.

Fay Ann Banawis is an Oakland based freelance artist who focuses mostly on watercolor portraiture and illustration. Her interest in physical identity and how individuals express themselves through the face is the inspirational root for her collective portfolio. Creation has been a love and passion for her since childhood that evolved into a deeper and more profound concept that she aims to apply in her lifestyle and work.

Louise Beech: Louise writes to find out what happens. Her words have taken her away with dolphins, to the adult sex industry, to Africa, and into her memories. When Louise’s daughter got diabetes in 2007 she gave up her travel career to care for her, and found more time to write. She’s written forty short stories, four novels, four plays and various newspaper articles. More than a dozen of her short pieces have won major prizes, and her novel How to be Brave will be published by Orenda Books in September 2015. Writing is therapy, escape, adventure, fulfilment — she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Jon Bolton practices book art, videography, and photography. He is interested in pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to express ideas using all three mediums. While continually experimenting with new techniques, he has been able to discover a poetic intersection between the visual and literary arts.

Ana Maria Caballero won Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize in 2014 for her book Entre domingo y domingo (From Sunday to Sunday). Her work has appeared in Smoking Glue Gun Magazine, Pea River Review, Red Savina Review, Big River Poetry Review, CutBank, among others. It is forthcoming in The Potomac. Every week, she writes about poetry for Zeteo Journal. Her work and book thoughts can be found at www.thedrugstorenotebook.com.

Marisa Carpenter’s photos are influenced by water, nature, and exploring new ways of seeing. Her photos are about documenting reality through a new framework; of seeing through water. To achieve this goal, photographs were taken by looking through various materials (glass, plastic…) that were covered in water droplets in order to see reflections, contrasts, and the obscuring of reality.

Tatiana Chernih was born in Russia, Irkutsk, by the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. She was relocated to US when she was 19 years old. Tatiana learned the new language and graduated from UW School of Nursing. She has been a nurse for over 11 years and is now enrolled in UWB Masters in Nursing and Health Sciences Program. Tatiana enjoys learning about all sorts of things and loves nature, animals and art. With no formal training, once in a while she will get inspired and produce a poem or a painting.

Casey Corcoran is a graduate of UW Bothell and is currently enrolled in the Master’s of English program at Western Washington University. His favorite twitter account is either coffee dad (@coffee_dad) or carlos the famous crab (@famouscrab). He hopes to one day make a lot of money because he thinks money is pretty chill.

Scott Derry lives with his wife and young daughter in Bilston, a small town in England’s post-industrial wasteland known as the Black Country. His fiction has appeared in Southern Pacific Review and was shortlisted in their annual fiction award in 2014. Other publishing credits are Debut magazine and the Motley Press e-zine. His musings on football (soccer) have appeared in King of the Kippax and The Daisy Cutter. Scott is currently working on what he hopes will be his debut novel.

Patrick Dewey is currently a senior at UW Bothell Majoring in both Environmental Studies and Media Communication Studies. In addition to his primary Majors he is also double minoring in Restoration Ecology and Visual Media Arts. Before attending UWB Patrick would have never considered himself an artist at all. But after enrolling in a video art class, Patrick discovered his true passion for creating, critiquing, and appreciating media based art works. Patrick is also a machinist by trade, which in turn has driven him to create several metal sculptures that accompany his media based art when displayed as an instillation form.

Ellen Donnelly is a writer and video artist living in Seattle, WA.  She is currently a first year MFA candidate in UW Bothell’s Creative Writing and Poetics Program.

Dana Doran writes: After a 40 year hiatus from academia, Dana achieved her degree graduating Magna Cum Laude from UW Bothell in 2014.  A former Clamor editor and lifelong artist, Dana has experimented in sculpture, mosaic, and art-to-wear but, oil painting is her passion.  Influenced by her interdisciplinary studies, Dana’s work explores the issues of culture, humanity and man’s interaction with the natural world.  Residing in Lynnwood, she is a member of CoCA (Seattle) and Evergreen Association of Fine Art. Web site:  https://dorandana.wordpress.com/

James Elzie is a student at UW Bothell majoring in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior; with a minor in Human Rights. A senior, who will graduate in June, he hopes to pursue a teaching certificate in the summer and spend the rest of his days encouraging young minds to stretch the bounds of their imagination.

Rob Essley is a grotesque specimen of a man, but one who loves the tiny, delicate things in life. He lives near Atlanta. Most of his writing experience has been short fiction, though he has written three novels and one non-fiction book. His stories have been published at Fiction365, Every Day Fiction, Story Shack Magazine, Crack the Spine, The Legendary, and Bartleby Snopes.

Felix Fauxwhit is the essence of light and frothy. If one looked at him past the glamour he would shimmer. Then soon standing in his place would be some colorfully cloaked wizard. A wizard that weaves words together to create new realities. But these are the identities of his soul and true self. In the reality that he does not prefer he is a student of the University of Washington Bothell. A student that imagines he is learning from secret mages about Archaeology, Ancient Classics and about the magic of old. But mostly he is simply a writer and reader.

Heather Felix is a junior at UW Bothell majoring in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior with a double in Health Studies. In her free time, she writes poetry.

Epiphany Ferrell’s writing career includes gigs as a columnist at a coonhound magazine, and cops and courts beat reporter for a couple of newspapers. Nowadays, she’s part of the writing communications team at Southern Illinois University. Her stories appear in PaperTape Magazine, Prairie Wolf Press Review, DarkFire, Seven Hills Review, Helix Literary Magazine, the chapbook anthology WordSwell, and other places. She is a fiction editor for Mojave River Review. She makes her home with dogs, cats, chickens and horses — and a couple of important people — at Resurrection Mule Farm in Southern Illinois.

Michelle Stefania Fessler is a returning editor and contributor to Clamor. She is also a Peer Consultant at UWB’s Writing and Communication Center, an editor and former contributor to UWB’s science fiction anthology The Monolith, as well as a staff writer at UWB’s The Husky Herald. She would like to thank her boyfriend Hayden for all his love and support.

Cindy Fullwiler is a nature photographer from Sequim, Washington. Inspired by her lifelong love of birds and animals, she began her photographic journey after retiring from elementary education in 2010. As an environmental educator, Cindy’s philosophy is to “first do no harm” when photographing in the field. She strongly believes getting “the shot” is not worth the price of disturbing animal habitats or behavior, and her patience and gift of observation pay off in revealing photos of birds and animals engaged in their natural behavior. Cindy has photographed nature along the entire West coast and in the UK, and she is always ready for her next adventure.

Tracy Gregory is an editor at Letter [r] Press, a micropress that publishes chapbooks, artist books, ephemera, and the literary Journal Small Po[r]tions. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Best American Experimental Writing and Transfer Magazine. She is currently enrolled in the MFA Creative Writing and Poetics program at University of Washington Bothell.

Nan Affleck Hardt used to see herself as a quiet outsider, compulsively drawn to the non-standard, and silenced by a fear of being called weird.  In poetry, art, and while testing the waters of the extrovert ocean, Nan has found her voice, and is ready to shout.  She would love it if someone would please call her weird.  Nan is a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Washington.

Andrew Hoffman is currently a graduate student in the Creative Writing and Poetics MFA program at UW Bothell.

Christyn Hutchens is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Washington Bothell, and she aspires to further her education with a Master’s degree in Art Therapy. She works in a variety of mediums, from doodling, painting, collage and mixed media, to ceramics, creative writing, photography and performance; Art is a big part of her everyday life.

Anthony Johnson is a graduate student in the UW Bothell’s Creative Writing and Poetics program. He earned a BA in English from the University of New Orleans, with a concentration in Creative Writing. Anthony writes surrealist fiction and is currently at work on a cycle of literary sci-fi stories.

Channi Jones is a student at UW Bothell, pursuing a double major in Psychology and Culture, Literature and Arts, as well as a minor in Creative Writing. She has a strong passion for writing, specifically poetry and internal dialogue, as well as writing and performing her own music. She finds joy in self expression through the arts, and would love to become a published author in creative writing, as well as psychology to shed light on the inner struggle that many are afraid to acknowledge.

H.R.H.  Kane is a queer girl, Cascadia student, UWB library circulation assistant, and Digital Future Lab intern. Creative writing, especially that of short fiction and novels, is her first love, the Japanese language an easy (albeit tempestuous) second. Her short story “Afterimage” can be found in the 2013 release of Cascadia’s literary journal, Yours Truly, while her non-fiction articles can be found on The Next’s website and UWB library’s student blog.

Christopher Keegan loves the process of creation. He never stops creating. It is his passion.

Alexa Lavides is a senior working to attain her Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior major along with a minor in Consciousness.

Corbin Louis is a poet and performer from Seattle Washington. He is a UW Bothell graduate and recording artist that believes in goodness. Music is good, weekdays are good, breathing. Corbin writes for goodness, or godliness…they are the same.

Reed Lowell is currently a junior studying Culture, Literature, and the Arts at the University of Washington’s Bothell campus. As someone who considers story-telling a family trait, Reed fell in love with his own imagination at an early age. With that passion following him into college, Reed aspires to one day pursue a career as an editor and also, to publish a fantasy novel.

Jonathan Seth Matteson is an interdisciplinary artist and aspiring art educator studying Fine Art, Art History, and Music at Washington State University. Mr. Matteson has called the Pacific Northwest his home since 2007. Prior to relocating to Pullman in 2012, Jonathan worked from his home Vancouver, Washington near Portland, Oregon as a marketing consultant and bassist.

Joan McBride lives in Kirkland. This is her second appearance in Clamor.

Israel Medrano is a Filmmaker and Photographer located in Seattle who has traveled all over the world working on personal projects and commercial work with the goal that his art is spread across world and explore the wonderful things in life.

Zachary Michaud is an aspiring writer living in the cold streets of Washington. Where the trees tower among and the concrete and each breath is fresher than the last.

Razvan Morar experiments with various forms of literary expression.

Sue Morgan Staff, School of Educational Studies. Photo enthusiast and baseball junkie.

Nghi Nhan writes: Growing with a father who has a heavy art background, Nghi Nhan is always exposed to a certain kind of art, especially watercolors. He is also currently a student at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing in Interactive Media Design.

Luis Olazabal (SuenLarrenofGod) is a composer from Southern California. Influenced by Cyberpunk and Horror, he has a solo debut album up on SoundCloud under SuenLarren that is available for free download. He has many other influences in his work, and is currently working on his second album due out in April, 2015.

Mackenzie Premel is an Accounting Major but loves the elegance of the written word. She works best in the night hours rather than in the morning. She enjoys making pop culture references and despises minimum page requirements in her homework. Mackenzie writes to bring the vivid world she sees to others who cannot see as she does.

Thidarat Riewe writes: I was born in Thailand, grew up in Germany and followed my heart to Seattle. I fall in love with this City due to her culture and art diversity.”

Elizabeth Salinas graduated Summer 2006 with a HS Diploma from Everett High School, Everett, WA. She currently teaches creative writing to students at Enroll.com as an online tutor. When she’s not teaching and writing Elizabeth S. likes dancing, reading and writing, and the color pink.

Dave Sanders is a former English teacher from the South turned MFA student in Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington-Bothell. He writes fiction and nonfiction, has two house mates (wife-Morgan; son-Oscar), and appreciates a good beard oil and a neat whiskey.

Grace Lynn Scott writes: I am a senior at UW Bothell. I am passionate about my education and love to write. This year I am pursuing my passions in radio as well as publication, being heavily involved with UWave Radio and a member of the Clamor Editorial board. I love UWB and am glad to be part of such a wonderful community.

Beth Secor graduated in December 2014 with BA in Culture, Literature and the Arts.

Katherine “Kat” Seidemann is a Seattle poet, cross-genre writer, and visual artist with an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell. Her creative interests include transmedia narratives, design, and curation. In her spare time, Kat polishes her sarcasm, collects ironies, thwarts blackberry bushes, and harbors a [not so] secret longing to trade in her car for an elephant.

Sue Selmer is a lifelong eastside resident, born in Kirkland and living in the Bothell area.  She earned an MLS from the University of Washington, and spent her career in public library work.  Now retired from librarianship, she enjoys writing, reading, gardening, and hiking, with a special interest in Northwest natural history.

Kathryn Sharma is a bibliophile in desperate need of more bookshelves. She is studying Community Psychology at UW Bothell, and works in private practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist. When not studying or working, she can be found losing to her son in epic games of Monopoly.

Travis A Sharp is a queer poet and intermedia artist. He is co-founder/editor of Small Po[r]tions Journal and Letter [r] Press and is a curator of bloodofanauthorbox.com. He has work published in or forthcoming from Big Lucks, Deluge, Catch & Release, Belleville Park Pages, Tinderbox Poetry, Pacifica Literary Review, Circle Poetry Journal, and others. He has exhibited work at the Alabama Center for the Arts and Gallery 1412. He tutors and teaches writing at UW Bothell and does media work for the Bagley Wright Lecture Series on Poetry. Find more info at TravisASharp.com.

Natalie Singer-Velush was born and half-raised in Montreal, Canada, before being uprooted and moved at age 16 to the mythical, ice-cream-colored land of California, where she had to finish raising herself. She now lives in Seattle where she is the managing editor of a parenting magazine and mother to two daughters. She has been published in the journal Alligator Juniper, the anthology Love and Profanity, and in newspapers around the West. She is a student in the UW-Bothell MFA Creative Writing and Poetics program.

Drew Stone (AGS) is a lifelong Artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Multimediaist at heart, Drew enjoys group projects including: culture-hacking, start-up ideation and visioning, film-making, writing, performance art, mindful media, and games development.

Tommy Tang is a Chinese-American student at the University of Washington Bothell. He is working to become a professional photographer and videographer and hopes to forge a career working on feature film productions.

Madison Taylor recently graduated with a degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts from UW Bothell. Having worked with a wide variety of mediums over the years, her artwork transformed into experimental mixed media pieces, which frequently incorporate a unique image transferring technique. Most of her creations draw its inspiration from her eclectic collection of music, the vibrant Pacific Northwest culture, and her love for contemporary art.

Deborah Taylor-Hough is a graduate of University of Washington Tacoma with a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences: Arts, Media & Culture (Literature track).  She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at UW Bothell.  Debi currently enjoys writing creative non-fiction, personal essay/memoir, poetry, historical fiction, web-based writing, and writing as an avenue to healing.  Other Interests: Voluntary simplicity, alternative education, Renaissance literature, gender and ethnic studies, Washington state history, genealogy, board games, nature.

September Thorlin will be starting the UWB MFA program in creative writing and poetics this coming fall and I enjoy experimenting with multilingual and translated poetry.

Acacia Thorng writes: People fascinate me. I think they are beautiful and amazing creatures. And I think we should admire ourselves more. I photograph people to help them see the beauty in themselves and in life.

LaKrista Vantrece is a senior at UW Bothell majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts as well as American Ethnic Studies with the intention of building a career in the publishing field. She has a particular interest in ancient history and historical fiction. She writes free-form poetry and short stories in her free time.

Yuriy Vinnik is a young artist from Kiev, Ukraine. For the past nine years he’s been living in Everett, Washington working, getting education and experiencing art in every way possible. After being heavily involved in fine arts at Cascade High School, which he graduated from, Yuriy started exploring stand up comedy and other performing and writing arts such as poetry and screen play writing. Three quarters away from getting his associates degree from Everett Community College, Yuriy keeps experimenting with different mediums on a constant search for creativity and new ideas making an occasional social commentary.

Kendall Wiggins is a Biology student at the University of Washington, Bothell.

Taryn Ziegler is a senior at the University of Washington-Bothell. She dabbles in prose poetry in her spare time, using it as an outlet for new ideas, revelations, and emotions provoked by her studies, inside class and out.


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