Dreaming Wanderlust

By Alexa Lavides


Slumbering breaths

inhale and exhale

Eyes traverse,

Under signaled ‘lashes.





Eyes ahead, a lake to see

Ripples tread an image plea

Colored orange, tinted pink

Horizons skip along waters peak



Chosen hands, an open book

Printed lines cascade the flesh

Palms, a page read to hook

Touch, a sense believed to rush



Eyelid framed doorways, dreams within airways



Doorways as limits, borders to visits






Invisible breath

escapes the lungs


retreat once more,

for captive release


Eyes revealed to

inner mindscapes

Ghostly confusions,

distinctly familiar


A whispered echo,

non-physical to be

The shimmering essence,

to flow as me


Wonder to wander,

terrain of what’s real

A bubbling thought,

burst into form


Real and unreal?

Hands into water

Waking and dream?

The mind soaked in depth


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