The Curious Warrior

By Alexa Lavides

Who am I?
And what does that mean?

the silence of rising delight.

Are we,
the actions we act?
the bodily movement?
Each breath we sigh?

Warriors of intellect
Searching memories
Of amnesiac essence
Ancient and new
This question of who

Cultural immersion
to causal effect?

Gentle abundance,
the story of tales
Questions amidst
curious sails

Is there an “I” to be?
Or are we all being?
Performing an identity
unattached from the “I?”

Ripples of warmth
Embraced among stars
Watching the life
Of the cosmos form

What are these connections?
These attachments to “Me?”
Why must we be
what we believe,
or even believe,
what we perceive?

Identities of each
Projections expressed.

Do we,
And repeat?

Always unfinished
in thought and belief.
Experiences change,
and perceptions weave,
the cloth of reality,
for the warriors cloak.

The thoughts we have,
an action possessed?

The armor of knowledge
The weapon of words
Questions tended
as the garden
of Eden

Are we our
and feelings unsaid?

To learn undivided,
the focus of attention
dialed to a
higher dimension

Is the awareness
behind the “I,”
the being to be,
of the “I,”
that we conceive?

The dust of the sky
Sprinkled over “I,”
Patient to guide
The warriors
of curious regard

So I ask again
and forever more,
who am I?
And what does that mean?

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