2015 Prose

Razvan Morar, Husk

Ellen Donnelly, Elegy for Interspace

Andrew Hoffman, Directions to My House

Anthony Johnson, The Blind Oasis

Taryn Ziegler, Waves

Rob E. Essley, Roger

Epiphany Ferrell, Personal

Corbin Louis, Skin

Epiphany Ferrell, Something He Should Know

Louise Beech, The Universal Sign of Goodbye

Dave Sanders, Small Town Summers

Deborah Taylor-Hough, Phyllis Down the Drain

Rob Essley, Blood Test

Fatima Al-Shemary, Stew

Heather Johnson, Choices

Fatima Al-Shemary, Breakdown (Web Exclusive)

Fatima Al-Shemary, Fingertips (Web Exclusive)

Scott Derry, Watching Elisabeth Fall (Web Exclusive)

Epiphany Ferrell, Freebird (Web Exclusive)

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