Elegy for Interspace

By Ellen Donnelly

Read: A selection from the journals of a young Deirdre Benjamin, written before the infamous events that lead to her notoriety in the field of mobile scholarship. These remarkable journals have become a valuable resource for historical investigations into the deterioration (or rather the penetration and subsequent evaporation of) Interspace, or “the time between time.” In reading Benjamin’s words it is important to remember the social context in which she is
writing, which can be categorized as pre-epiphanic and pre-communalization. That these journals have been preserved for so many years is a testament to the fluency with which they communicate the brutality of early millennial society.

January the 24th in the 2012 year BEDROOM of moderate weather; i received
text msg in silent mode, was unaware and neglected response for some time.
sliding w thumb msgs in dialogue from right to left reveals 10:23PM timestamp.
nonresponse should appear disinterest on my part. msg reads ‘what are you
doing?’ from sender of Romantic capacity. not wanting to maintain callus
impression i counter that i am getting ready for bed. he rejoinders with viewing
of severalth episode of popular entertainment prgrm. we engage in many haha
inflected dialogue re show and the Watching in binges of shows. twenty minutes
we partake in delightfull convo before both feigning departure by msging
‘goodnight’ and ‘gnight.’

January the 25th in the 2012 year KITCHEN of chill and driving rain; 9:15PM
have just sat down to cheerful dinner of quinoa stuffed mushrooms and peppery
cab sav when msg arrives 8:07PM frm 3 timezones east Mother ‘your uncle
Charles is in the hospital w another bowel obstruction’.  appetite having been lost,
at 8:13PM she continues, ‘pray for him.’

January the 26th in the 2012 year BATHROOM of chill and driving rain; 8:25AM
while attending to morning evacuation comes the office in rapid succession msgs
pertaining to ‘deliveries’ and ‘deliverables.’ the sender should ask that i take extra
are in promptitude this AM, and perhaps if possible should arrive early to be
sure to receive packages contingent.  i do not respond and do not rush thru
ablutions tho, should surely prefer to tell supervisor exactly where i am and what
i am doing at that sacred moment he so brazenly interrupts.

January the 27th in the 2012 year CAR of moderate weather; 9:26AM en route 2
Work and have obtained latte, i regret to report my behavior reprehensible in
txting while driving, but having been stuck in traffic [sic]. After in first order
responding to colleagues question re ‘deliverables’ i attend to cont. convo w
Emily re her bf and whether to keep the stray Kitten found last wknd behind
grocery, or submit it to no-kill shelter.  the two are nearly destitute as is, and
perpetually breaking up, but as she contests with pic of Kitten sitting actually
inside of coffee mug, the thing is cute, excruciatingly.  i advise a prelim. search for
local low-income pet owner services,  & she, i hate to say, goes off on tangent re
her bf and his general Distrust in her capabilities, when it comes to things like
watering plants, taking out trash, these things, the category of which caring for
Kitten would fall into.  my friendship duties fulfilled before my workday even
begun, i pull into parking garage in glib satisfaction.

January the 27th in the  2012 year WORKDESK of moderate weather; 12:11PM
perplexingly, engaged in tedium at desk, from unknown number receive photo of
Infant.  unknown Infant.  no text in msg.   i write ‘who is this?’ (tho meaning who
is this infant). 30 or so minutes hence i receive msg ‘oh sorry wrong number.’

January the 27th in the 2012 year GYM LOCKERROOM of moderate weather;
6:17PM this evening’s propsects should appear bleak, owning only 1 box crackers
and 1 head broccoli to eat.  tho distance is best maintained, i send msg ‘what r u
up to tonight?’ to character of Romantic interest.  i take care to give good cleaning
in shower, in hopes of said Romantic interest’s close proximity to my person later
this evening while sitting on couch in one of the two of our humble but spacious
duplex apartments. dissapointed to find msg ‘i’ve got plans’ upon reentry to
locker. awful Sadness overcomes me while toweling off, moisturizing, and
redressing in sensible slacks.

January the 27th in the 2012 year CAR IN PARKING LOT OUTSIDE OF GROCERY
of dripping rain; 7:27PM i have shoplifted a bar of chocolate with in it pieces of
nut.  in regaining auto, i feel i must share in my THRILL and EXCITEMENT in
having absconded with it, and also, if i am to admit, my shame, and so msg Emily
w a concise account of the event.  she thinks it humorous, and with pathos to it,
judging by emojis delivered quite promptly. a relief to me.  had I not had Emily in
that moment, I may have returned the  candy bar to the Cashier, or eaten it then
fervidly, with great anxiety.

January the 27th in the 2012 year LIVING ROOM of dripping rain; 10:18PM
report of phone heard while reclining on couch in typical fashion and am quite
surprised to read “Text Message From name of Romantic interest,” after having
been so dismissed by him, and such dismissal necessitating procurement of
embarrassing frozen food dinner, and the subsequent simulation of enjoyment of
frozen food dinner, in an effort to counteract Sadness which had beset in locker
room of gym, having been more disheartening than even its original inspiration,
the dismissal. Msg reads ‘what are you up to.’  having brooded sufficiently i
respond ‘hanging out, I thought you were busy.’ passive aggression is a mark of
the lonely.  the correspondence that follows is in no manner for copy, full of
remarks meant to incite.

January the 28th in the 2012 year BEDROOM of cold, dripping rain; 2:46AM i am
not of the mind to fully recount the state which I found interrupted by a
conspicuous succession of texts at such a quiet hour, but merely that I had been
dreaming, and in dreaming was peacefull, and thus awoken became, not
unjustifiably, hot with an anger, which dissipated shortly but whose lasting
effects will be sure to be seen all of Tomorrow in my work and in my social
manors. The msgs that so disturbed me are here not even worth the mention, of
who they were from, or what they had said, this should have no bearing on the
degree to which they broke with the Rules pertaining to the etiquette of Text
Messaging, which are few, but which must be stuck to in severe obedience if We
as a People are to maintain the least semblance of Order.

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