Sam Prudente

But oh! That light again!
Oh! The night just right again!
the feeling of displacement is/in light
it’s like the time your pupils get super
diluted from visiting the optometrist
when everything instead of saturating
( ( (washes out) ) )
when, as, you, step, out, hoping – the sun
has gone down, realize: the headlights
are, not, what, that, white, you must, quite, stare at,
can be just as blinding, turning cars
taking the corner around it at top speed
entering night is sanctum sanctorum
                                                                            to sleep, the dim quiet
of a theatre, hushed, before: curtains open, or
early for call, the back door lit backstage, red
with the exit, preparing for a performance, taking
off: that darkness, darkest before dawn? It is

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