2016 Contributors

Fatima Al-Shemary is a UW Bothell graduate of Culture, Literature, and the Arts. She has had her work published in Clamor 2014 and 2015.

Wallace Branin is a senior at UW Bothell in the Culture, Literature, and the Arts program. After graduation he plans on teaching in Latin America, and then returning to the states to pursue a PhD with the intent to teach on the university level.

Sydney Burdick is becoming increasingly terrified that she is, in fact, not a real person, but a hologram living out her life in a pre-orchestrated screenplay produced by some super-universal Hollywood studio for the entertainment factor of so-called, ‘higher’ beings. Even now, as she’s typing this in third person, she realizes that she’s probably just the punchline of some post-modern, meta joke. In order to escape the consuming guilt she feels when thinking that she could be doing the same thing to her characters, she tries to give them more dimension than any two-dimensional being has a right to have.

Tsai-Han Chen is a current University of Washington Bothell student who loves drawing all kinds of stuffs mostly with computer because she is bad at drawing on paper(there are no ctrl+z!!). Still trying all kinds of different styles, haven’t find one settle yet…

Vivian Chuang is a student artist from Seattle Washington. She works largely with handcut collaging utilizing vintage magazines pages. Her work in sculpture was previously featured in the SAM Naramore years 2014 and 2015.

Jeonghee Churches is an artist, She has been enrolled for UW MACS (University of Washington Graduate school, Master of Arts in Cultural Studies), earned MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from the Graduate School of Design, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul Korea. She has been a teacher, sculptor, member of the Art Committee of the City of Maple Valley, and interpreter for Korean/English. From her website Blog, ‘My time with nature is important. It is deeply inspiring. I respond to its expressions of the poetic and the sublime. I draw my ideas directly from nature’s forces and forms. My mind is flooded with questions about the earth, time, and the nature of memory.’

Brent Cox is a first year student in the UW Bothell MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics

Colin Davis is a junior at the University of Washington Bothell majoring in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. In addition to writing more or less constantly, they also enjoy long walks on the beach, recreational comparative religious studies, listening to progressive rock really, really loud, and knitting.

Monica Dawn Dimaano is a UWB student studying Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. Of her piece “Here”, she writes: Last year we did not have any snow, and I wanted to know if this was a result of climate change. Of “Denial” she writes: During my college career, I lost my dad to cancer and wanted to display resilience and hope in my art.

Dana Doran achieved her degree in Interdisciplinary Art (Magna Cum Laude) from UW Bothell in 2014 after a 40 year hiatus from academia.  A former Clamor editor and lifelong artist, Dana has experimented in sculpture, mosaic, and art-to-wear, but oil painting is her passion.  Influenced by her interdisciplinary studies Dana’s work explores the issues of culture, humanity and man’s interaction with the natural world.  Residing in Lynnwood, she is a member of CoCA (Seattle) and Evergreen Association of Fine Art.  Web site:  https://dorandana.wordpress.com/

Ahmad Ejlali is an aspiring artist who enjoys making video arts and films. He enjoys bringing his ideas into life through story telling. He was inspired by his screenwriting professor Sal Tonacchio to further pursue this path. Although English is his second language, he does not let that hold him back from writing and creating. His long term goal is to do this as a full time job.

Taesung Eom is a Culture, Literature and the Arts major at the University of Washington Bothell. “To live one must master his will to proportion the consequences of his or her own behavior, justly so, but never lose sight of what lies beyond the boundaries which contain us.”

Marinna Ewing is a 2014 graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior, with a double major in Interdisciplinary Arts. She is an outdoor enthusiast,  rescue diver, passionate artist, and animal rescuer.

Evan Michael Gilbert takes personality quizzes on a daily basis, and as such he should know exactly who he is. However, he could take the same quiz on different days and get vastly different responses. That probably means something, but he took a quiz today which said he was a “realist” and did not believe in deeper meanings. Ask him tomorrow when he’s a dreamer.

Andrew Hoffman is currently a graduate student in the Creative Writing and Poetics program at UW Bothell.

Claire Hopple’s fiction is published or forthcoming in Bluestem, Timber, Quarter After Eight, Noctua Review, District Lit, Limestone Journal and others. She lives with her husband in Nashville, Tennessee. More at clairehopple.com.

Elizabeth Hunter, an Interdisciplinary Art & Consciousness major at UWB, senses that with the seizure & subsequent masquerade of a free press, artists & comedians play an ever more crucial role in scrutinizing the emperors’ attire. She holds that art is also bridge between the scientist’s kingdom of matter & the Shaman’s realm of spirit. Elizabeth is a desperate explorer of borderlands between notions of a sacred self, & a fundamental unified human condition. Compelled to question all contemporary teachings on culture, consumerism, the mind, & the nature of reality, she hopes her work inspires others to do the same.

Christyn Hutchens is a graduate of UW Bothell’s Interdisciplinary Arts program, a former Clamor editor, and an ever changing artist of many mediums.

Miguel Jimenez is a student at the University of Washington Bothell in Media and Communication Studies. He has a date night every Monday with his beautiful partner in life, he has an unhealthy addiction to cookies, and an obsession with looking at 500 images a day. His goal is to one day merge his passions of sports, design, and eating cookies into a dream job.

Navarre Kerr is a 2014 UWB IAS Graduate with a double major in Media and Communication Studies and Community Psychology with a minor in Human Rights. He is currently a Program Instructor of Family Programs at the Northshore YMCA where he coordinates after school programming at Skyview Junior High School.

Jeremy Kibbey is currently working towards his media and communications degree at UW Bothell. He has a passion for storytelling and discovering more about his Alaskan Native American heritage and culture. His goal after UW Bothell is to apply for the Native Voices graduate program at UW Seattle.

The Kimberly Trip was a pop-rock band based out of Sacramento, California between 2001 and 2015. UWB student Colin Davis was a member for several years, during which time they contributed songwriting, composition, arrangement, keyboards, synthesizer programming, and arrhythmic guitar.

Alexa Lavides is a previous Clamor editor that graduated from UWB with a B.A. in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior, along with a minor in Consciousness. She holds a passion for conceptual abstractions, writing, and exploring the unknowns. Whether she is diving into the depths of her lucid dreams or off bridges with a bungee cord, she aspires to explore with experiences of awareness.

Victoria Lemos is currently a junior at UWB, who besides being a full-time student, is an aspiring photographer. She took a few photography classes during high school and since then her love for the art has grown from a hobby to an undeniable passion. Victoria enjoys taking landscape, portrait, street, film, and still life photos and her work can be viewed at http://www.victorialemosphotography.com.

Corbin Louis is a performance poet and film maker from Seattle, WA. The artist has performed in venues from New York’s Bowery Club to the Smithsonian. He wears three faces and six different lives. Waves and whispers of the night. The poet lives!

Reed Lowell is a senior pursuing a degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts at the University of Washington’s Bothell campus. As someone who considers story-telling a family trait, Reed fell in love with his own imagination at an early age. With that passion following him into college, Reed aspires to pursue a career as an editor and to one day publish a fantasy novel.

Jonathan Seth Matteson is an interdisciplinary artist and art educator studying Fine Art, Art History, and Music at Washington State University in Pullman.  Visit http://www.jsmatteson.com for more.

Joan McBride lives in Kirkland.

Elizabeth McEachern-Weathers attends Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, California. At 17, she’s been writing poetry and stories for more than 10 years. Her hobbies include singing, and writing.

Caitlin Moats was born and raised in Puyallup, WA, and is now a senior at UWB finishing my bachelors degree in biology. In my space time, I enjoy taking photographs, playing video games, listening to metal music, and crochetting. My main subject of my photography tends to be either my pets, cats Charlie and Freddie and dog Barrett, or nature.

Luis Olazabal (SuenLarrenofGod) is a multimedia artist from Southern California. Music composer, writer, photographer, actor and video artist, he mergers genres and explores a range of topics and styles for recreational and academically fulfilling purposes. His goal is to engage in issues of spirituality, mental health and power dynamics to better the quality of his life and his storytelling.

Amanda Poteete is a student at UW Bothell finishing up her degree in Media and Communications.  She attacks the world with pen in hand saying “she thinks clearest when she writes”.  Amanda also enjoys getting lost in a good book and playing board games with her family and friends.

Finn Rivedal is an artist living in the middle of nowhere. She has a degree in art. She creates and writes because she must to exist on this planet. Art connects us on a fundamental level, it surrounds us, it is everywhere.

Patrick Garrett Rizan is a Law, Economics and Public Policy student who romantically dreams of instead being a starving artist, and enjoys still life and landscape photography.

Dave Sanders is a southern writer living in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working on his MFA thesis as a second year student in UW Bothell’s Creative Writing and Poetics Program. Dave enjoys spending what little free time life has to offer with his wife and kid.

Beth Secor is a student in the Creative Writing and Poetics program.

Katherine (Kat) Seidemann is a Seattle poet, mixed-genre writer, and visual artist with an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell. Kat’s interests include the page-as-art, transmedia narratives, confounding genre, and explorations of identity and/or memory through creative documentation. Her visual work has been shown at Shift Gallery, Gallery 1412, and included in the Art of the City Street Fest. Winner of the Marcia Barton Award for Poetry in 2008, her work has been published in the Licton Springs Review among other journals.

Chris Seko is an aspiring curler, a croquet enthusiast, and a minor disappointment to his parents. He has evaded interactions with past professors for an impressive amount of time, and he can be found in a hammock around campus. Go look for him; and if you find him, shoot him some finger-guns – he loves those! He thought this gig was commissioned (was incorrect in that assumption), so feel free to drop a fiver in this hat (hopes to own an arcade in the near future). Winona Forever.

Marissa Smith was born in Southern California and lived there until the age of 8, when her family moved to Washington. She has a younger brother and sister as well as a pet tortoise and dog. She has always had a love of the arts, especially in film and literature. She is a student at the University of Washington Bothell and is currently one of the editors for the Clamor. She is majoring in Media and Communication Studies and will be graduating in the spring of 2016.

Tommy Tang is a videographer and photographer in UW Bothell’s Media and Communications program. His hobbies include making short films, restoring vintage cameras, and bicycling along Washington’s many beautiful trails.

Morgan Thomas is a first year student who draws when she should be studying and does anything but drawing when she should, in fact, be drawing.

Acacia Rivedal is a staff photographer at the University of Washington Bothell and a practicing artist from Washington State. Their focus is portraiture but they also enjoy nature photography and taking glamour shots of their cat. Acacia’s work can be found online as well as in many University of Washington affiliated advertisements and services.

LaKrista Vantrece is a senior at the University of Washington Bothell majoring in Culture, Literature & the Arts as well as American Ethnic Studies. My creative focus is centered around literary arts.

Cora Walker is a Seattle area writer, editor, game designer, and canon bisexual. She is currently working on her MFA and could probably try to explain conceptual art to you.

Kendall Wiggins will complete her Biology degree this year. A lover of science, she also appreciates and partakes in creative arts. Recently she spent one month in Peru with a group of 15 students from the UW.

Sin Wu, a student studying communication, loves drawing weird stuffs.

Kaitlin Young is a writer and second year student in the MFA program at UW Bothell. Many of her works use wordplay to create friction and elicit multiple meanings.

Taryn Ziegler is a graduate of the University of Washington Bothell now working as a professional content specialist. In her free time she curates her own website, thefluidlens.com, which contains a variety of intellectual morsels for chewing.

Mudasir Zubair is a student at UW Bothell perusing studies in media and communications. In his spare time he practices photography, does visual art, writes poetry, and reads up on critiques and analyzes to gain useful skills in interacting with culture and the arts.

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