Help Me So That I May Exist Again

Beth Secor


I really need help!

my Skype had been working before,
but now Skype said it’s not working
so it deleted itself
when I checked the programs and features
Skype was gone.

O spare me
of sustaining such historicity
first-hand accounts contradict.

A philosopher comments:
Don’t Look At Black Holes Too Closely, They Might Disappear.


imperfect and confused
. Archimedes said
permutations are possible
in the not dissimilar range of digital
and detritus
ducks in a row

it was a Starry Night at La Silla
beguiling big bang

Alpha Centauri 4 light years away,
(right now) things are happening there
and they won’t matter to us at all
for years.

saudade is similar but not equal to nostalgia
a word that also exists in Portuguese
unreviewed annotation:
all is ephemeral
a profane existence
colonization and the law of code

There may have been sensory leakage.


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