Today is For The Birds

Christyn Hutchens



My brain is segregated.
Changing plumage.
Sparkling magpies.
Transcending landscapes.

My neuron system mirrors.
Retinas transmit.
Eye candy & empty spaces.
Recreated physically.

My emotion detecting system.
Bird bone flutes.
Paleolithic guardians.
Whale song rhetoric.

My continual novel expression.
Van Gough painted shoes.
Mediocre suggestion.
Exquisitely indifferent.

My pattern recognition.
Istanbul survival value.
Unconventional perspectives.
Radical shifts.

My mathematical proof.
Uncommon traits.
Beauty killed the beast.
A ten legged spider.

My cortex parameters.
Mimic dolls.
Averageness based.
Firm jaws.

My ritualistic blood flow.
Microwave status.
Fingernail maker.
Entertain possibilities.

My echo chamber.
Potential resonance.
Critical function.
Black & white modules.

My non-utilitarian pleasure.
Cultivate nemesis.
Stream of ordinary.
Evokes disgust.

My sublime insignificance.
Threatening immersion.
Undetermined resemblance.
Quantified revolution.

My body adornment.
Animalistic communications.
Under circumstances.
Maybe I’ll let you read it sometim

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