2016 Prose

Fatima Al-Shemary, “Umbrellas”
 Sydney Burdick “Bride of the Wind”


 Ahmad Saam Ejlali


Tony Eom  “The Stranger Tales of a Minority: The Brick Wall”

“The Stranger Tales of a Minority: A Median to the Mist”

Evan Gilbert “Bus Seats & Bed Sheets”

“Goodwill Hunting”

Elizabeth Hunter “A Lesson in Femininity”
Andrew Hoffman “It All Ends Up in the Ocean Somewhere”

“The Four Ways Home”

Finn Rivedal  “Walking On Sunshine”
Dave Sanders “Ice Cream Sandwiches”

“Knife Of The Pocket Sort”

 Beth Secor “No.4 (1964)”
Cora Walker “The Story of Eve”


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