2017 Contributors

Fatima Al-Shemary writes: I am a UW Bothell graduate with a degree in Culture, Literature, and the Arts. I write for fun, for love, and for activism, and I enjoy all scopes of art and literature. Yellow is my favorite color. I’m a cat person but I also love puppies. I was a Clamor editor for the 2015 issue, and I am proud of the work that goes into this journal!

Heather Andrews is a graduate from the University of Washington. As a former professional ballroom dancer, she enjoys to express her passion for dance through writing. Although she majored in Media studies, she is intrigued by psychology and continues to explore psychological issues through her writing.

Jacq Marie Babb is an ex-pat of Central/Southern CA where the skies are too frequently too blue for their liking. They create music under the name Jacque Babb and presently attend UW Bothell in the Creative Writing and Poetics MFA Program. They are usually found exhibiting nocturnal behaviors and tipping Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs completely upside down.

Michael Warren Bagby is a lifelong resident of Seattle, and a graduate student in the UW Bothell Creative Writing and Poetics MFA program. He writes poetry, fiction, screenplays, and anything else that will stay still long enough to get on the page..
Currently a student working towards an Interdisciplinary arts degree at UWB, Salvador Barriga enjoys working in media ranging from digital painting, sculpting, and drawing in sketchbooks as a means of cope.

Allena Bassett is an Environmental Studies Major in the IAS program at UWB. She plans to advocate for sustainable urban development that balances human population growth with non-human life survival needs in urban natural areas and urban-rural borders. She is a proud “bleeding heart,” struggles with depression, anxiety, and a sensory disorder on top of the madness of the world, and finds refuge in art and nature for her tender, feisty soul. She believes (tough) love will ultimately triumph and just hopes it does before Climate Imbalance drops its hammer. Sophisticatedly crass is how certain friends describe her.

Jessica Birchfield is a second-year student at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in Law, Economics, and Public Policy. In her spare time, she explores the ways that the law, economy, and policies of the local area and around the country ignore, exploit, and dehumanize the most vulnerable of Seattlite and American society. Her appalling experiences with the apathy and ignorance of more privileged individuals have compelled her to rise out of the shadows and take action by giving herself and her community a voice through her lifelong passion for the art of creative writing.

Liza Boardman is a second year Global Studies major and a founding officer for the Filipino American Student Association sa UW Bothell. She has always had an interest in creative writing and enjoys expressing her identity as a mixed race Filipino-American through poetry. In her free time, Liza enjoys reading, finding new cafes in the Seattle area, and learning languages.

Carl Boon lives in Izmir, Turkey, where he teaches courses in American culture and literature at 9 Eylül University. His poems appear in dozens of magazines, most recently Burnt Pine, Two Peach, Ink In Thirds, and Poetry Quarterly. He is also a 2016 Pushcart Prize nominee.

Sydney Burdick lives on the surface of a black hole. She dreams of sirens, radio waves, and of finally figuring out what she wants in life.

Yohandra Cabello was born in Cuba in 1989 and migrated with her parents to Miami, Florida on February 4, 1996. She’s an only child and has been writing from the age of 11. She has a Bachelor’s in Art History from FIU and is currently finishing her Masters Degree in Creative Writing at U-dub Bothell.

Alfredo Cervantes has been practicing on and off with audio composition for 3 years. He approaches composition in an unorthodox form. He is driven by what he hears and records as he plays with little reliance on editing to form a composition.

Michael Thomas Cooper wishes he were a wave. You can hear the ocean at poetcooper11.wordpress.com

CC writes: I am a first generation Latin-American writer born to immigrant parents. I happen to have cerebral palsy, and I am bound to a wheelchair. I dedicate myself to the art of writing fiction, poetry and travel writing. I am a graduate student in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program at University of Washington, Bothell. My preferred genres are historical fiction, fantasy and free-verse. “Quetzal,” like any true piece of art, is open to the reader’s interpretations.

Being an old soul, PH Creed has an old fashioned style about him which makes him seem strange to some and unique to others. As an avid reader and student of the arts, he continues to hone his skills in any way he can and loves to explore the beauty around him when able. As a devoted author, he writes every day and has four thick journals he has written in for over half his life. Some of his published works can be found on Amazon or Nook.

Growing up between Washington State and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has influenced Hannah Dinero’s decision to take on a double major in Media and Communication Studies and Global Studies, with a minor in Visual and Media Arts. Hannah practices film photography, videography, and collage. She strives to use her multi-cultural perspective and open-minded approach in all that she pursues.

Dana Doran has been exhibiting her paintings and fiber arts since 1978 in various venues, albeit infrequently. Actually, it wasn’t until she reached the age of 60 and completed her degree in interdisciplinary art did her thoughtful views and often humorous perspective of the human condition begin to reveal itself in her work. She is a former editor for Clamor. Married for 42 years with four grandchildren, she lives and works in her studio in Lynnwood surrounded by inspiration to complete a cohesive portfolio. Dana hopes to market her work in the future.

Rania Elshamma will be completing her major from UWB in Media & Communications this year. She has been an editor/ contributor of Clamor since Fall 2016. Her passion lies in both the arts and social issues and works on integrating the two creatively.

Hitoe Engelbrekt is a non-traditional student at UW Bothell who learned the true value of education much later in her life. She is an avid hiker and carries her fishing pole to the mountains. She has another name giving by the tea ceremony master: “Bingyoku” meaning “diligent gem.”
Marinna Ewing is a self taught artist who works predominantly in the medium of traditional pen or pencil. Marinna completed a BA with distinction at the University of Washington in 2014 and a certification in Adobe programs with distinction in 2016.

Terrell Fox is in his final year of the MFA program in Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell. His portfolio includes fiction, creative non-fiction, and prose poetry. He is a Pacific Northwest native who enjoys reading about astronomy, emergent technology, military history, and the history of Washington State. As a former Marine officer, his thesis project focuses on crafting his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan into a collection of short stories.

Tracy Jane Gregory is a cross-genre writer, collage artist, and musician. She is an editor at Letter [r] Press, a micropress that publishes chapbooks and Small Po[r]tions Journal. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in A Bad Penny Review, Best American Experimental Writing, Clamor Literary and Arts Journal, QUEEN Magazine, and Transfer Magazine. Tracy is a recent graduate of University of Washington Bothell’s MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program and currently lives in San Leandro, CA.

Donna Lynne Griggs is a Master of Fine Arts student in the Creative Writing and Poetics program at the University of Washington, Bothell. A graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature, she previously studied under Robert Hass, Georgina Kleege, and Ed Roberson and was the 2015 recipient of the Samuel C. Irving Prize for American Wit and Humor.

Liezel Moraleja Hackett is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell. She writes creative non-fiction, short fiction, and some poetry. She is interested in mythology, music, dance and choreography, and she teaches Filipino Folk Dance for the Filipino American Student Association at UW Seattle. Hashtag Sayawforevs.

Anndee Hilton is a UW Bothell senior and is an editor at Clamor. When she is not doing homework, she can be found spending time with her chickens and goats.

Mina Jiaerken is a current University of Washington Bothell Kazakh student artist who loves painting, drawing and digital drawing. She loves fantastic style and her own culture.
Miguel Jimenez is a digital communications professional by day and avid Netflix watcher by night. Somewhere in between those things, he finds time to make art, watch sports, and eat cookies.

Chris Johnston is a second year UWB student pursuing Computer Science. When he’s not in class or at work, he enjoys making things and spending too much time with computers. Some previous projects of his include building a mechanical keyboard and making an Internet controlled Christmas tree. Sleep is his weekend hobby. He also likes photography.

Todd M. Kelley is a self taught artist & photographer.

John Kim is a Sophomore at UW Bothell. He showed interest in arts and human relations since his childhood. He is very sociable and expressive in nature. And through the development of his character, he has defined himself in many forms. He is a rugby player, a photographer, a writer, a poet and a social entrepreneur.

Jessica Kunder is a full-time biology student who hopes for her work to inspire others to never stop exploring the world around them.

Kyra Laughlin is a senior at UW Bothell and is double majoring in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies as well as Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. She is also president of the student organization S.A.V.E (Sexual Assault and Violence Education). She hopes to continue to work with survivors of sexual violence in her future career endeavors. She would like to thank professors Kristy Leissle, Julie Shayne, and Lauren Lichty for all of their support, compassion, and encouragement.

Nam Le is currently an undergraduate student studying Business at UW Bothell.

McCall Levy is a sophomore at the UW Bothell. She plans to major in Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship. McCall expresses herself through several mediums such as drawing, painting, and creative writing. Most of her work centers around femininity and what it means to be a girl growing up in this generation.

Mengyu Li is a UW Bothell community psychology major student. She loves art, nature, and reading.

Corbin Louis is a poet and performer from Seattle Washington. He is a recording artist and MFA student at University of Washington Bothell. Corbin’s work has previously been featured in Best American Experimental Writing, Clamor Magazine, Atticus Review, The Visible Verse Film Festival and others. The author seeks to extend stage performance through design mediums and visual rhythm. Ink becomes saliva and sweat. Salt water and whispers. The poet lives!

Benjamin Macke was born in 1990 in Springfield, IL, went to school at Taylorville high school, Lincoln Land Community College, Seattle Central College and currrently Univeristy of Washington Bothell. He is the middle child of three. His father is a civil engineer and his mother is a private business owner.

Maisha Manson is a first-year graduate student in the IAS Master of Arts in Cultural Studies program. A writer and artist originally from San Diego, they completed a BA in Deaf Education at CSU Northridge. Their research analyzes intersecting systems of oppression—regarding ability, race, class, gender and sexual identity through ghost stories and poetry.

Joan McBride is an elected official and lives in Kirkland.

Allison Morton is a 2nd year student in the Creative Writing and Poetics MFA program at UW Bothell. She is a poet, filmmaker and painter.

Senglong Ngor is a 19 year old sophomore student at UWB, majoring in Interactive Media Design.

Ngoc Nguyen is an undergraduate Community Psychology major at UW Bothell. She loves using her artwork and creative writing to address social problems, which aim for empowering people to overcome the difficulty in life as well as embrace personal identities and differences.

Bre Ogata is a photographer, vlogger and artist. She hopes to be a voice for young Asian-American girls who feel intimidated by social norms and conformity.

Janelle Paraiso is in her final year at UW Bothell majoring in Media & Communications and an editor for Clamor. She loves dogs, cheering for her favorite sports teams, and watching sunsets at the beach.

Chloe Rock is a University of Washington Bothell student. Her love of writing started when she was young, writing fake newspaper articles and short stories for her sister. Since then she is pursuing a Creative Writing minor, and hopes to be able to continue finding ways to work on her creative passions. She currently lives in Everett with her boyfriend, his parents and their dog, and she wants to thank all of her family, friends, and professors that helped her along her creative writing journey.

Meghan Sonenthal is a MCS major finishing her last year. She enjoys reading, cute things, and French chateaux. In her free time she likes to draw and take pictures.

Donna Sullivan is a student of the Interdisciplinary Arts program at UWB. A child of the sixties who relocated from California to Washington at the turn of the 21st century, Donna enjoys dabbling in creative arts including painting, music, and writing and finds particular satisfaction in incorporating political or social themes into her work. Currently residing in Kenmore, WA with her husband and 12-year old son, Donna dreams of owning a multi-media arts studio located on the Pacific Northwest coast where she can awaken each morning to the sounds of the seaside and spend her days in creative splendor.

Hannah Tashiro is currently a sophomore student. She has always had an immense interest in a variety of art forms and hopes that her future will involve the arts.

Morgan Madeline Thomas writes: Still not doing my homework. Still drawing. Uses the sunglasses emoji too much probably.

Calvin Tirrell is documenting trips wherever he goes.

Thelma Tunyi is a painter and illustrator, and a member of a group with two other artists called Sunshine Tangerine. She self-taught artist, creating watercolor and mix media portraits.

Victoria S. Wettmarshausen is an international graduate student at the University of Washington Bothell. She holds a B.A. in English literature from Hamburg University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in cultural studies, where her research centers around feminism and poetry. She likes to write poems in English and German and is interested in the ways writing in another language can limit as well as expand our thinking.
Kendall Wiggins is a UW Bothell graduate and a current student in the Master’s of Education program. She loves science, art, nature, reading, and is developing her skills in social justice. She has traveled the world and back, where she intends to stay.

Jayme Woods was born and raised in Seattle, earning a BA in Art History from UW Seattle and M.Ed. from UW Bothell. She has been a life-long lover of art and an amateur photographer ever since she submitted a photo to a contest in elementary school. You can find her taking photos at weird angles down Seattle side streets and in unique cities around the world.

Mudasir Zubair is student studying Media, Communications, Science, technology, and society. He worked on the Clamor literary Arts board for the 2016 and 2017 editions.

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