Catalog Of Scars

Terrell Fox

Upper chest—knife     There were occasions when I had to dig the pieces out (of) myself.
Left ankle—blisters
Left forearm—knife                             Once I only got a single stitch and the doctor laughed.
Right forearm—knife                                        Sometimes it took up to three months to heal.
Belly button—original
Upper chest—abrasion                                                 I have a small one that is a little white y.
Upper chest—abrasion
Left wrist—chicken pox                                             My abdominal scars still give me trouble.
Right cheek—chicken pox
Right wrist—cat scratches                                            I’ve spilled a lot of blood down the sink.
Left front tooth—chip (rock)
Upper chest—tattoo removal                                                  My fingers and hands are a mess.
Left shin—abrasions & impacts
Right front tooth—chip (spoon)                                            Cold damp days cramp my knees.
Left knee—abrasions & impacts
Right shin—abrasions & impacts                                             I didn’t think I’d make it past 30.
Behind left ear—unknown origin
Left elbow—abrasions & impacts                                              Most scars don’t hurt anymore.
Left elbow—abrasions & impacts
Right ankle—abrasions & blisters                                               I have plastic mesh in my guts.
Left shoulder—cut (broken glass)
Right elbow—abrasions & impacts                                           They fade but they remind me:
Left shoulder—smallpox vaccination
Right hand—index finger (sheet metal)                                       I left drops of me in the sand.
Right eyebrow—baseball impact (stitches)
Above pubic area—surgical incision (glue)                                     Recklessness and disregard.
Left thigh—lower, inner (unknown origin)
Below belly button—surgical incision (glue)                                 Icy Hot and acetaminophen.
Upper chest—foreign object removal (knife)
Upper chest—foreign object removal (knife)                                  I was young and invincible.
Upper chest—foreign object removal (knife)
Right hand—thumb, second knuckle (impact)                                   The pain was always bad.
Center back—right of spine (unknown origin)
Left cheek—expended light machine gun brass                                    I am more careful now.
Left hand—middle finger, first knuckle (impact)
Lower left abdomen—surgical incision (stitches)                                      I watch for survivors.
Upper lip—plastic gun buttstock impact (stitches)
Left hand—index finger tip (chef’s knife) (stitches)                                  I lived like I wouldn’t.
Left hand—middle finger tip (serrated knife) (stitches)
Left inside triceps—abrasions (broken concrete and broken glass)    And now I compare.
Left hand—between thumb and index finger, X-Acto knife stab (stitches)
Right knee—abrasions; razor wire; Humvee accidents; unknown origins    I am breaking down.

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