Rania Elshamma

She gives the world her smile in the light
Only to release a flood in the blanket of night

Footsteps of hesitation
The reality of her destination

Silence and the absence of her now come to reside in her mind
Grains of sand left behind or is she still occupied?

She visits from time to time
When the waves bring her in with the tides

Will you throw me back in … I’m drowning

The light owns my silence
It draws my face
I am…ok…replied a million times
Else I’ll prove their science

I. am.

b   r   O

K   e   n

In the thunder and storm
when the root has flooded
and her all is aching
the gates of her break free
and before the locks make way again

She closes her eyes to pray:

One day you’ll love EVE
One day you’ll love ME

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