I am an Adopted Child of America

John Kim

I am an American.
I was born in the land that bleeds red, sings blue, and remains white.

I am not white, however, and therefore I am an adopted child of America.
I am a child of this nation, but there isn’t a spot for me at the table.

I have brothers and sisters around me, many of whom are of color.
Yet our founding fathers and our founded mothers do not see us as their child.

I bleed red like you.
I sing blue like you.
But I am not White like you.

So what must I do?
How can I be accepted?

Won’t you tell me?

I am educated by American schools.
I speak American language.
I eat American food.
I enjoy American freedom.

But why isn’t there a place for me in your America?

I have brothers and sisters,
many of whom are not of color.
They see me differently.
They speak to me differently.
So I must realize that I have to live differently.
But must I accept that I am different?
Must I accept that I am not normal?

This is my America,

and I want to change it.

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