Showing the Subject

Michael Warren Bagby

The overseer has to look at my theme,
for he of lead himself.
To hunt,
one displays our slave on revealing myself,
nor looking at your whatever.

The guardian needs but to confer its overthrown,
but their sine qua non-interpretation oneself.
By direction,
she elucidates his buried in conducting themselves,
or affirming its matter.

The agent is fated to disclose his victim,
yet they have a duty to clarify herself.
For track,
one leads her serf of ostentation itself,
or divulging in one’s topic.

The steward gotta tell their affected,
by she is committed to himself.
In the road,
she tells her affected off telling itself.

The doer is compelled to disrobe one’s object,
to be compelled to x-ray oneself.
Of passage,
someone exposes his object in explaining thyself.

The performer was forced to read aloud the marrow,
and forced to illustrate themselves.
From a layer,
it read aloud our citizen next to reading aloud himself.
The warden has to look at my topic,
because he was of the act.
one shows our servant to identify themselves,
or looking at your whatever.
A guardian is needed, but to give him deposed,
but their interpretation of themselves indispensable.
she makes it clear he was buried in the conduct itself,
or confirming their job.
The agent is destined to reveal his victim,
nevertheless, they are obliged to explain itself.
To track
one is its fortress of boasting,
or disclosure in their subject.
Steward must say its influence,
for it seeks to himself.
On the road,
she says she suffered from telling herself.

Doer forced to undress one object in
in order to be forced to the X-ray itself.
one exposes its object is to explain himself.

Artist was forced to read aloud to the brain,
and forced to show themselves.
From layer
he read aloud a number of our citizens read aloud to himself.

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