Words Make Love/Hate

Fatima Al-Shemary

rhetoric shapes fragments only
from my point of view

love is born
out of letters that connect in ways
that connect us, love

words ask questions

how to not to feel empty
when words don’t make love?

on a magazine page,
on a screen,
on a billboard
saying buy, buy, buy,

but we know
these words don’t make love,
only fill space

not with words.
love isn’t made simply
out of words on a page,
or on the lips

they say love but
watch what they do
when spoken words lie

I love you

is that really what you want to say?

I hate you.
always have

comes easier

we’re still looking
for the right words

hatred, yes
pain, for certain

i hate myself
always have

love, yes
absolutely militant

and absolutely intended

make you want to love/hate

on a news ticker
on a bumper sticker:

we are on the brink of _________

_________ are against us

the _________ are coming
fill that empty space
with whatever suits
your love/hate relationship
with the world

with yourself

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