2018 Contributors

Sabrinna Baker has been a hobbyist photographer since she was a kid. Her style has since evolved away from doing kitschy middle-school photoshoots and macro-everything with her best friends. She doesn’t stick to a single style and loves capturing all different subjects, especially architecture, nature, fashion, and social scenes. Her interests lie in different mediums of film, ranging from spontaneous Instax snaps and disposables, to point and shoots and manual SLRs. Capturing her travels and the moments between her and her closest friends are her favorite. When her photos are uncontrived, evoking authenticity and emotion, she feels the most satisfied.

Justin Berkbigler is a multi-media artist who focuses on prose, art films and ambient music. He has been writing prose and composing music since the age of fifteen. Over the last ten years he has self-published two books of poetry and prose. His current collection is entitled The Saturn Return. In June he will be completing his Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Arts with a Minor in Visual Media and Arts. He lives in Ballard with his girlfriend and three cats: Merwin, Clyde and Mama.

Denise Calvetti Michaels‘ new book, The Things Down River, maps locations of childhood to reimagine the sensory realms of memory in which she and brother Dennis summered with their Italian immigrant grandparents on a farm in Salinas, California. Her new work is episodic, impelled by the lyric, driven by the desire to sustain remembering. Michaels teaches Psychology at Cascadia College in Bothell. Michaels’ first poetry book, Rustling Wrens, was published by Cave Moon Press, 2012.

Kayla Chamberlain is a Junior majoring in Culture, Literature, and Arts, with a minor in Japanese. Writing has always been her passion, as well as instrumental music, and film. In her free time, she writes both fiction and non-fiction stories. Her life-long dream is to write for films, and animations, and hopes to someday open an animation studio with her best friends.

Shanelle Clogston is a girl who loves to read and write. She received a standing ovation in a creative writing class after reading her poem “Bogged Antique Monologue.” Shanelle is working towards her BA in Culture, Literature & the Arts at UW Bothell. Shanelle aspires to be a novelist and write YA novels. Her favorite YA novel, at the moment, is Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. In her downtime, Shanelle enjoys reading novels, writing poems, painting, and watching movies, especially if they’re book adaptations. Make sure to read her poetry in Clamor!

Katherine Cole acknowledges that no matter where life takes her, the Pacific Northwest will always be a home. She is pursuing Environmental Studies at UW Bothell and explores her creativity through various mediums. Overall Katherine is very passionate about exploring this human experience through reflection, expression, and communication. Feeling a constant connection to everything in this world is what inspires her to learn, grow, and create. Much of her work is centered on the theme of interconnection. In a world that has been conditioned to “other” and disassociate from the bigger picture, Katherine aspires to inspire re-connection to our roots so that we can unite as we collectively face local and global issues.

Hannah Dinero is a senior at UW Bothell studying Communications and Global Studies with a minor in Visual and Media Art. She loves Sonny Angels, sunglasses, and the word “mood.”

Jessie Dixon is not very experienced at writing poetry.

Dana Doran, a UW Bothell Alumni has recently completed a series which challenges shared reality aptly named “[/life in the Matrix]” and is moving forward with a series dubbed “404: Page Not Found” which explores truth and propaganda through a surrealistic view. Married for 42 years with four grandchildren, she lives and works in her studio in Lynnwood, Washington surrounded by inspiration.

Sally Elhousieny is an Egyptian American studying Media and Communications at the University of Washington. She loves to write poetry, watch movies, and hopes to one day join the film industry.

Hitoe Engelbrekt, a lifelong student of life with a curious and open mind. She speaks and thinks in Japanese, and listens, reads, and writes in English. She finds both languages are not sufficient enough to express herself.

Terrell Fox is a graduate of the MFA creative writing program at the University of Washington Bothell. He is a former Marine who can’t draw, paint, sing, dance, play music, take pictures, sculpt, or throw pottery, so he writes as his way of artistic expression. His work has previously been published in Proximity Magazine, Ricky’s Backyard, Holy Shit Journal, and Clamor. He has upcoming work in Black Candies: The Eighties, and Incoming: Sex, Drugs, & Copenhagen. He was recently selected to be a group leader for Planting The Oar, a literature-based veteran/civilian discussion group sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
He has also completed a novel-length experimental memoir about his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Terrell can be reached on Twitter @FogButWithAnX.

Lisa Fryett is a first-generation Blackfeet descendant with a passion for writing from a feminine perspective. After many years of working as a Project Manager in the corporate world, Lisa changed her life course by returning to college to complete a degree in Society, Ethics and Human Behavior. She hopes to one-day work in the non-profit sector after graduating from college in March 2018.

Darin Gad, the author, is a nineteen-year-old woman that is majoring in Media and Communications. She enjoys writing in her spare time because it allows her to express and understand herself. For her, she says, poetry are just words that don’t fit in your body anymore

Daniel Geiszler is a 17-year-old Running Start student, graphic designer, photographer, and pizza lover living in the Pacific Northwest. He hopes to be a travel photographer and blogger after completing his degree at Cascadia College.

Donna Lynne Griggs is a second-year MFA student in the Creative Writing and Poetics program at the University of Washington, Bothell. She received her BA in English from UC Berkeley and won the Samuel C. Irving Prize for American Wit and Humor in 2015. 
~Being a writer is about the act of living, about squeezing myself in between the tissues and tendons to explore the interior. I feel an obligation to the life I have lived, a desire to echo its existence in a way that both reflects and propels relatability. My dream is that my writing accomplishes that~

Liezel Moraleja Hackett received her MFA from UW Bothell, and writes nonfiction, some short fiction, and poetry. She is working on several projects, including the manuscript that her thesis was based on, and a collection of haikus.

Mia Harrison, THE BLK BLND is an experimental Artivist (Art + Activist) and poet from the Pacific Northwest. In a time where words hurt more than sticks and stones, she uses her poetry as a form of activism.

Mina Jiaerken did a digital painting done in Photoshop named “Smoke”. In the painting, Jiaerken put three characters that are from one family. A mother is holding her stuff and the little daughter, the older brother is standing on another side of their mother. Their faces are covered with fire smoke. In front of them, is the white barbed wire with a few olive leafs on it. Her work is more about imagination. Jiaerken provides a ground for audiences to explore their feeling by combing all the elements that show in the painting.

Sovannarith Khem is a Cambodian American born and raised in Seattle. He is an Interdisciplinary Arts Student at UW Bothell. He enjoys expressing himself through the arts through various mediums from drawing, digital, fashion, photography, and creative directing.

Jessica Kunder is a senior biology student who lives in Seattle with her boyfriend and cat.

Sarah Lake is graduating in June 2018 with a major in Media and communications and a minor in digital and media art, and is working towards a masters in photography. She is inspired by the beauty and emotions captured in landscape and sports photography. In the future, she intends on being a sports photographer for a MLB baseball organization.
Conor Lorenz is an aspiring digital and traditional artist. He is Media and Communications Studies major and is working towards a job in comic books.

Corbin Louis is a poet and performer from Seattle Washington. He is a recording artist and MFA graduate at University of Washington Bothell. Corbin’s work has previously been featured in Best American Experimental Writing, Clamor Magazine, Atticus Review, The Visible Verse Film Festival and others. The author seeks to extend stage performance through design mediums and visual rhythm. Ink becomes saliva and sweat. Salt water and whispers. The poet lives!

Reed Lowell is currently an MFA student at the University of Washington Bothell. When he isn’t working, he is busy trying to write his way through life.

Joan McBride lives in Kirkland and is a state legislator

Sue Morgan is a self-described “observer of things,” and always has her phone or camera ready in case something catches her eye. She enjoys taking “photo junkets” around town in her free time and tends to look for subjects or objects seen in everyday life that others might otherwise look past or make them feel uncomfortable.

W. Sean Mosman Sinclair has been alive for some time, counting from the first of Kings County until the present day. Having spent few consecutive years in any one place, there is pining now and again for various here and there’s. Sometime art is made, but it always thought of. “The work is everything, and everything is the work.” Longtime companion of their (ever gracious) Goose, and full time member of an extended and collected family of people who are often otherwise disincluded from what might be called “society,” William has been building towards a perhaps idealistic, yet tangible, idea of the flattened hierarchy (the level field) where all human and all non-human objects are held to be of an equal ontological value. With any luck, and a lot of practice, this goal glimmers through the pages.

Laura Nguyen is a current 4th year at the UW Bothell. She enjoys taking photos, dancing and reading humorous books in her spare time. She hopes to take her knowledge a step further into producing short films in her future career.

Philip Palios was born in 1985 and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of his life.

Shaelyn R. Peters is a mostly self-taught painter who loves combining the beauty of nature with her wild and whimsical ideas. She has been drawing her whole life and loves to bring joy to others through her art. She is currently pursuing nursing and hopes her art will enrich the lives of the people she encounters throughout her career.

Kelsey Phillips is a Senior in the Media and Communications major at UWB. She is a lover of words, photos and art and she lives her life finding meaning in everything. She hopes to one day use her passion for writing to inspire others.

Sam Prudente has only recently revisited painting and mixed media, passions he thought he had left behind him as he explored writing, performance and audio-visual media. As an immigrant from the Philippines now living in Washington, he personally feels how the political conflicts acutely impacts his trans-nationalism.

Lilia Rusu, Born and raised in the Eastern Europe, Lilia is passionate about foreign languages and creative writing.

Elizabeth Salinas is a Mexican girl with a strong passion for love, laughs, and literature. Elizabeth is an amateur poet and an aspiring author, especially of romance fiction. One of Elizabeth’s long-term goal (one day) is to publish exceptional stories that every reader will fall in love with. Besides writing, Elizabeth is taking college classes that will help her transfer to university for a Bachelor in Arts in English literature. Elizabeth hopes to work in editing and publishing upon graduating as well. When Elizabeth is not in school or at work, she enjoys spending time with close family and friend.

Kat Seidemann is a poet with more vice than versa, a writer often left speechless, and artless artist. Her poetry, prose, and visual art have been published in Licton Springs Review, Rogue Agent and included in several PNW galleries.

Kahlia Shearer is a Media and Communications student. When she is not at school or working, Kahlia enjoys practicing her artistic abilities through ceramics, photography, painting, and much more.

Andrea Raye Stein, 22, is a Junior at UW Bothell. She chooses to work mainly with pencil and digital editing programs. Raye is an aspiring artist in the field of advertising and design.

Sage Stephens is more of a viewer than a participant but attempted art nonetheless.

Donna Sullivan, East Coast roots, Tennessee childhood, Southern California upbringing, and a Pacific Northwest heart. Donna uses visual art and creative writing to explore social or political themes. A graduate student in the Master of Ed program at UWB, Donna dreams of waking each morning to the sounds of the surf and the soft panting of her dog, the aroma of tea and toast, the lure of an unfinished painting, and the affection of her beautiful family.

Zachary Tan is an entrepreneur and a thrill seeker, currently studying as a MCS student at the UWB campus. Ironically, he despises formalized academic institutions as he feels it gets in the way of learning; despite this, he understands the perceived value of a degree, and has therefore opted to suck it up and graduate.

Hannah Tashiro is a junior studying Interactive Media Design. She loves music and photographing those around her.

Dominique Tate, a lifelong artist with a passion to recreate the world she sees on paper and canvas. Dominique is a Cultural, Literature, & Arts major at UW Bothell currently studying to become a middle school teacher of English and Language Arts. Most of her work, whether poetic or painted includes strong imagery; especially of trees and flowers. She uses art as a way to express her joy and sorrows, faith, love, and friendship.

Morgan Thomas is an aspiring professional doodler who also happens to be a student

Thelma Tunyi is an American painter and illustrator who resides in Seattle and is currently studying at the University of Washington. She is part of a group called Sunshine Tangerine, which includes two other artists who together sell their art.

Anna Vilhauer is a senior at UW Bothell. She is part of the IAS Department, earning a degree in Culture, Literature, & The Arts with a Creative Writing minor. She hopes to work in the publishing industry after graduating in Spring 2018. In her final year, she wanted to submit a piece to “Clamor” to hopefully leave her own little legacy at UW Bothell.

Cat Wild is a graduate of and former writing tutor at UWB; she has fond memories of her time there. Now living in Stratford-upon-Avon, she spends her time drinking tea, feeding swans, and writing (something that is not at all intimidating in a place with such a revered writing history). Her work has appeared in Stratford Literary Festival Sharing Stories Collection 2017, The NW, 101words.com, Poetic Asides, and Clamor. She has a strong preference for the Chicago Manual of Style and her opinion on use of the Oxford comma is immutable.

Jacob Wilkes is a photographer and enjoys shooting his fellow classmates at Santa Monica High School in Los Angeles. His work aims to capture the modern teenage existence through 35mm photographs. Jacob shoots in film because he believes the limitations make him think more deeply about each frame captured, ultimately creating a more intentional result.

Jasmin Will is a senior student at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Culture, Literature, and Arts and a Creative Writing Minor. She has a passion for the Performing Arts and enjoys reading, writing, singing, sightseeing, and traveling. Jasmin wants her writing to captivate and invite readers to another world of imagination, suspense, and adventure, to allow readers feel and embody the emotions of others from a diverse perspective.

Yiyi Zhou is majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts at UW Bothell. He has experience with photo and film shooting for commercial and advertisement. Yiyi is a media editor and enjoys composing music as a hobby. He loves to get in touch with media.

Taryn Ziegler is a digital content specialist working out of the greater Seattle area. She has managed content production, strategy, editing, and scheduling for a variety of different clients. She graduated from the University of Washington Bothell and harbors a deep love for all things content-related. She is happily married and enjoys living the Pacific Northwest lifestyle with her husband and two dogs.

Mudasir Zubair is a content creator, marketer, and artist at UW Bothell. Before his senior year, he worked on Clamor’s 2016 and 2017 issues. When away from his studies, he’s recording his work process as “Speedpaint”, writing down the first few words of a poem, or learning how to make interesting and engaging work. You can contact him at mudasirzubair@gmail.com

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