Jessica Kunder

That dismally dotted the footpath,
To the bottom
Of the busy brook
That peacefully surged past my fingertip
Before it would be guided
Down the winding rivulet.
I was alone
Between sun-steeped airspaces
Where dragonflies flittered
Listlessly in pursuit
Of the enchanted seaward Passage,
Wherever that may be—
Alone before a pebble plunked
To the bottom of the busy brook.
A sibylline sigh swept
Through the treacherous
Flowers of the field
That dismally dotted the footpath,
Before it would be guided
Beyond the winding rivulet.
Behold! Her bold locust eyes
Voracious and swollen
in muddy sockets.
Crimson-stained cheeks
Sunken, surge in deranged Delight
Despite my silent plea—
Her locust eyes welcomed me
To the treacherous flower-flecked field.

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