2019 Contributors

Eric Acosta is a prose/poetry writer from El Paso, Texas. He plays guitar and lives with a fat cat. He’s getting his MFA in Poetics. He graduated from University of Texas at El Paso.

Badr Alghanmi is a photography enthusiast who enjoys discovering his imagination in digitally altering and modifying photos that he takes based on his life experiences.

Jacq Marie Babb creates in many mediums and takes great pleasure in combining varied genres and artforms in her works. Her aesthetic is layered and fragmented, transparent and interweaving—a statement as true to her life as to her art. She lives in Seattle with a writing desk at her window so as to gaze out at the green and grey and sometimes blue while she works.

Grace Boulanger is a graduating senior from the Culture, Literature, and the Arts program with a special interest in defamiliarization and horticulture.

Krisna Bour is a student currently working towards her Interdisciplinary Arts degree. She loves being humorous, cartooning, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends.

Denise Calvetti Michaels teaches psychology at Cascadia and writes poetry, memoir and lyric essays. Denise plans to complete the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics this fall 2019.

Deborah Caplow is an art historian and curator with specialties in Mexican art, history of photography, women in art, art and politics and more. She is the author of a book about the Mexican artist Leopoldo Méndez and is currently researching graphic art in Oaxaca, Mexico, where she curated two major exhibitions in 2018. At UW Bothell, she teaches a variety of art history courses in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences.

Vannie Cao is a student at University of Washington, Bothell double majoring in Media and Communications and Law, Economics, and Public Policy and minoring in Business Administration. Vannie loves the arts because art inspires.

Angela Jilliene Casidsid is a junior studying Interactive Media Design. Creating artwork and illustrations is a therapeutic hobby for her, since it allows her to express her active imagination and to voice her own thoughts and emotions. She also has additional interests in fashion, psychology, and sociology.

Jeramie Castillo is a second-year student at the University of Washington Bothell pursuing Computer Science. His artistic focus is on street and portrait photography. As a child, he had always enjoyed the ability to create and express various forms of creativity behind the lens. Being self-taught, he possessed an eye for unique composition and angling in his works. His images are captured through angles that are uncommon to an everyday pedestrian which, in return, develops a unique dimension in his photography. In each series, his goal is to create a connecting theme that portrays aspects of human life, interaction, and nature. Skills in post-editing software allow him to further emphasize emotions and feelings in his images while maintaining a realistic setting. With his work, he hopes to use this platform as a way to represent Filipino and Southeast Asian culture in visual arts.

Michele Chao is a junior majoring in design with an appreciation for photography. For her, it’s a way of disconnecting yourself from your day-to-day and immersing yourself with your surroundings. Most of her photoshoots are of people or views of nature from various travels. Along with photo, she has a deep passion for music and mixing. You can find her music through her pseudonym, Nemesis.

Vivian Chuang is a student at University of Washington studying Cinema Studies and Multimedia arts.

Shanelle Clogston loves writing and aspires to be a published YA novelist. She is a senior, graduating with a BA in Culture, Literature & the Arts and a minor in Visual & Media Arts at UW Bothell. Her favorite novel is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Shanelle writes every day and is currently working on two novels.

Adrienne Co is studying applied computing and minoring in visual and media arts in hopes to combine her interests in both programming and art. As much as she is involved in the digital realm, she has an equally profound connection with traditional art.

Amanda Cook is a senior student of UWB’s American and Ethnic Studies program. She has been doing creative writing on and off throughout her schooling, but has never been completely satisfied with anything she has written – until now. She hopes one day to write a book using many different writing styles and mixing poetry and prose to make something unique. Amanda is planning to pursue the MFA through UWB along with an MA in history with hopes of curating a museum.

NP Creed is a Culture, Literature, and Art major and will graduate in June 2019. He is thinking about joining the MFA program at UW Bothell and would like to teach someday. He has been writing in various genres for most of his life and enjoys all kinds of art, both consuming and creating. He personally deals with mental illness, but in recent years has been more vocal about what he faces daily both in his own life and in his work. 

Angie Désir is a Media & Communication Student with a minor in Visual Media Art. Media, Arts, and Entertainment is what I live for and what I’m passionate about. I am a senior and will be graduating in Spring of 2019. I am a women of mix race with a two different culture background. I am proud to set the trend in my family and will be the first to graduate from University.

Dana Doran is a 2014 UWB graduate with a degree in Interdisciplinary Art. Much of the work she is currently producing is elicited from conversation and theories about the nature of consciousness (C = hf) or musings about the nature of the universe (some say it is a hologram) with a dash of humor. As part of the series 404_Page Not Found, her work finds that “things” common to life today cannot be found in the future or have adapted to an unrecognizable form to survive. Follow her at dorandana.wordpress.com/ or saatchiart.com/danadoran.

Rania Elshamma is a UWB alumni and former Editor for Clamor. She majored in Media and Communications from the school of IAS. Rooted in the majority of her written work are narratives surrounding social issues faced by women and/or persons of color; shedding light on stigmas, social pressures, and inequality/disadvantages. She finds importance in giving experiences faced by many a female voice and narrative to relate to, as well as encouraging a platform for Women/POC to share their own accounts.

Aidan Emmons grew up in the small, isolated town of Monroe Washington, Aidan Emmons has found a paradise within the many creative facets that exist today. Influenced by street art, Emmons is convinced that “art is not only an entryway to another dimension, but a podium to express one’s feelings.” Additionally, Emmons employs many mediums such as digital, cinema, music and audio, and even performance art. His products are not always created to please, but to question, to ask and to explore. Furthermore, the majority of his works can be viewed as outlandish or strange, but generally simple. He states, “There is something seducing about strange and outlandish pieces, but there is nothing more sacred and meaningful than a finished product that is straightforward and concise.” Emmons continues to utilize and combine these tactics in order to deliver the most intriguing images he can muster.

Jenny Fan is a CLA student at UW Bothell. This is her junior year. 

Matea Ferencak, aka Mati, likes to find parks and animals and take new pictures, and wants the world to stop hurting the planet.

Shae Foley is a Health Studies student at the University of Washington Bothell and amateur writer. Her stories and poems are featured prominently in the “notes” section of her smartphone and in the many notebooks her husband has sworn to burn when she dies. She read a true story about motherhood at Town Hall as part of Listen to Your Mother Seattle 2016. Most of her time is spent fact-checking and copy-editing school projects for her 2 children—usually the night before they’re due. She is a lecturer on a range of topics including stranger-danger, bicycle safety, and good hygiene. Find her hiding behind a book or awkwardly trying to make small talk.

Gabrielle Fox is a Latina student at the UWB. She is a senior with a double major in gender, women, and sexuality studies and society, ethics, human behavior, with a minor in diversity studies. She hopes to become an educator on topics of gender and women studies in order to spread knowledge with the potential to liberate. In addition, she hopes to be a writer, a passion which has always been instrumental to her personal liberation.

Darren Frazier has always loved creating things, the medium changes but the act remains the same. I’m thankful for my abilities and the opportunity to share my work with others.

Cindy Fullwiler is a self-taught North American nature and wildlife photographer. After her retirement in 2010, she knew this was the time to travel and learn the art of photography–a lifelong goal. Cindy has traveled and photographed the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver Island, and England. Her love of wildlife and nature combined with her environmental education degree translate into a unique perspective in her photographs. It is Cindy’s goal to produce not just pretty photographs but also to tell a story with conservation center stage.

Daniel Goltapeh has been practicing photography since early 2014. Goltapeh’s passion began with his interest in cinematography. He took on photography in the beginning for practice and had pursuit it ever since. 

Nicolas Hauser is a student at the University of Washington Bothell currently working towards an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics after receiving his BA in Media and Communication Studies from the university over the summer. In his own practice he primarily focuses on poetry, but he enjoys engaging with many forms of writing as well as other artistic fields. Beginning in Fall 2018 he became a Peer Consultant at the Writing and Communication Center in an attempt to learn even more about what writing can be.

Linh Hoang is a senior at UWB. Her major is Media and Communication Studies and minor in Health Education and Promotion. She hopes her love for art and travel will inspire others to never stop exploring the world around them.

Mariam Khodr is a graduating IA student with the University of Washington Bothell. Originally from Baghdad, Iraq and immigrating to the United States in 2000. She has held on to her ethnicity and faith as a baggage of burden, until realizing the privilege she has of not originating from the American societal norm that is white, male and born in America.

Kristine Jeanyoung Kim is an aspiring artist in Seattle who was born in South Korea and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Throughout her study in Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Washington, she has taken diverse courses in the arts such as producing audio, writing a journal, coding for web design, and, creating artwork.

Rachel Kudlacz is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Community Psychology with a minor in Business Administration, with the intentions to use her interdisciplinary knowledge to provide insight in addressing social disorders in the workplace. She engages in artistic expression as a way of understanding the different perspectives around her, while also investigating the inner workings of herself. Admittedly, she finds this process enlightening and humbling, if sometimes hard to bear.

Skylar Lewis is a Senior majoring in Media and Communications, with a minor in Visual and Media Arts. He has always had a passion for photography. He hopes to attend grad school to pursue a career in sports journalism.

Corbin Louis is a poet and performer from Seattle. His art is rooted in a desire to express the dark realities of drugs, loss and the ugly rollercoaster of being alive. Corbin’s text/image is a pickaxe that cuts things open at the nerve in order to exam them. This way understanding becomes empathy. As long as people can still feel something, there’s a chance we might live to see a few decent hours.

Abigail Mandlin is a creative writing and poetics master’s student at the University of Washington, Bothell. She loves to see the magic in all things, even the mundane. It’s what keeps her going despite the struggles of life in these turbulent times. She currently teaches language arts and history at a combination middle school/high school and aspires to one day achieve her dream of being a proper novelist.

Joan McBride has previously published in Clamor and Raven Chronicles. She lives in Kirkland, WA.

M.R. McGuire is the son of a son of a preachin’ man.

Israel Medrano is a gifted videographer, photographer and performance artist based out of the PNW area. It is his intention to contribute to the creative movement by sharing his artistic vision across the world. His photo and video work has been featured in various art publications and has won numerous awards. Israel recently performed an art installation for Badder Ink’s 1st year Gallery show that involved projecting images on a live subject. @Medranoproductions

Kalen Mills is a multimedia artist specializing in temporary installations of crumpled-up math proofs. Kalen works in as many formats as necessary to justify collecting art supplies, and likes texture, geometry, and negative space. Kalen is grateful to the local art community for their encouragement and unwavering support for anyone dedicating themselves to practicing what they love.

Madison Nikfard spends her free time writing, painting, and playing with her border collie. She’s written and published books and short stories under LMNO Publishing and hopes to someday see one of her books turned into a film.

Jason Peach ate a fried guinea pig in Peru, dried frog legs in Thailand and a skewered scorpion in Beijing but really lacks the palate for olives.

Hannah Preisinger is a student of UW Bothell, graduating in 2019 with a BA in Culture, Literature and the Arts and a minor in Consciousness Studies. She is also actively involved with the gravitational wave astronomy research group, works as a Student Web Assistant with the school’s Marketing and Communications team, and owns and operates a small theatrical production company. She is an avid investigator of all things strange and unexplained. After graduation, she plans to continue practicing theater and attend a local coding bootcamp. She also might sleep sometime.

Sam Prudente was once adopted by Grace, a pure white cat with one green and one blue eye, who mothered many generations of kittens. On his last quarter at UW, he found himself evicted from his landlady’s property because she didn’t have the necessary permits. Locating a new residence meant abruptly saying goodbye to an old neighborhood. Both poems were products of Prof. Abe Avnisan’s Advanced Writing class last fall.

Megan Rich is a Media and Communications major at UW Bothell. She spends her summers up on San Juan Island, which is where she draws her inspiration for writing and poetry.

Molly Rooney is a senior majoring in Culture, Literature and Arts. This is the second edition of Clamor that she has worked on as part of the editorial board.

Will SaeChao is an on campus Graphic Designer for Student Affairs. Even though his main medium of choice is using digital software, he has a background in classic mediums such as pencil sketching. When he’s not being your friendly neighborhood graphic designer, he’s off hitting the books studying for his classes; trying to complete his IAS Undergratuded Degree in Media and Communication. During his free time (which is rare) he’s either planning a hiking trip, taking it easy with Netfilx and Video Games, or just enjoying his hometown, Seattle. Go Hawks!

Michelle Schaefer lives and breathes in Bothell. She enjoys writing poetry especially haiku. You can find her poems in Frogpond, Acorn and Modern Haiku. Currently she is attending UW Bothell to complete her studies in Culture, Literature and the Arts where she hopes to learn how to make an impact on things that matter. She thinks that you are never to old to go to school, never to young to write poetry, and should learn something every day.

Allena Sharpe is a recent graduate of the Environmental Studies program at UWB. She firmly believesthat in order to build the healthy, thriving societies we all crave, we must correct our institutions to incorporate the rhythms of Nature and remember we are caretakers and guests, not masters and overlords, on this planet. At the same time, she tries not to take life here on Earth too seriously as it is over in a blink. Her favorite areas of creative expression are dance, painting, and writing. She hopes her work makes you feel confused and curious.

Kahlia Shearer is a previous UWB student and Clamor editor who is passionate about finding art in everyday life. This past summer, Kahlia traveled Europe with her film camera, studied art history and immersed herself into new cultures.

Andrea Raye is an aspiring artist and creative writer.

N. L. Sweeney is a current Creative Writing and Poetics MFA student at University of Washington Bothell, N. L. Sweeney’s work has been published by Twisted, Flash Fiction Magazine, Niteblade, Jeopardy Magazine, and Inroads: Writers in the Community. When not writing, dancing, or studying, they busy themself with petting furry animals and losing themself in a cup of tea.

Styne T. is a UWB Applied Computing student who is minoring in Creative Writing. Although most of her educational background is based on the logic of technology, she often enjoys engaging in her imagination and writing poems to express how she or others feel to escape from the logical side of her brain. She hopes that her writing will be able to appeal to the reader’s thoughts and emotions through a clear use of imagery and language.

Isabella Tear is a 19-year-old Senior, currently in the CLA and MCS major with a minor in Creative Writing. She carries her own blog with more writing of poems and prose and plans to become an author and continue on to grad school with UWB.

Cora Thomas is a poet and advocate. She is proud to serve the UW Bothell and Cascadia College community as a Campus Library staff member. An alumna of UW Bothell’s M.A. Cultural Studies program, she also served on the Clamor Editorial Board during her graduate work—a real highlight. Growing up in the beautiful Skagit Valley has cultivated a deep appreciation of the natural world which played a significant role in her creative development as an artist. Cora’s poetry and photography has been published and her environmental nonfiction has been featured in an outdoors magazine, Adventures NW. Her advocacy work is layered from education around Skagit River Watershed conservation to supporting first generation college students (she is proud to be one).

Morgan Thomas draws elves and hobgoblins and plays DnD. The two hobbies overlap.

Audrey Tinnin is a sophomore majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts at the University of Washington Bothell. She is originally from Kennewick Washington, and she first moved to Bothell 1 years ago. On campus she is involved in Rotaract Club and Outdoor Wellness Activities. In her free time, Audrey enjoys reading and exploring the Seattle area. When she is not in class, you will probably find her at the Den Coffee Shop, or the ARC. Music is an important part of her life, and her favorite genres of music are Indie and Folk. She also enjoys singing and playing the piano. 

Jignesh Trivedi has been living in Everett, Washington for most of his life. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. He works on his art in hopes to develop it past the point of simply just being a hobby.

Thelma Tunyi is a painter and illustrator, and a member of a group with two other artists called Sunshine Tangerine. She self-taught artist, creating watercolor and mix media portraits.

Mudasir Zubair is actively refining his art skills in his free time, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and is creating a comic series set in an epic space-fantasy setting. Mudasir loves to support and follow his friends’ personal art projects. While studying Communications and Science-Technology in his undergrad, Mudasir worked on the Clamor Editorial Board as a copyeditor, treasurer, and event planner. At the end of Summer 2019, he will graduate with a Master of Arts in Policy Studies. You can view more of his works at artstation.com/strayqrow.

Thomas Wilson is a student at Cascadia College studying Media & Communication. Photography & Film are his passions, and he aspires to hold a successful career in media/art when he graduates. @scubatomster

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