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Isabella Tear

You can feel the anger in the air. As if the people there are inhaling one another’s problems and it becomes their own. The people are not angry though, they simply carry on with the burdens of others strapped to their backs like their children they are desperately trying to take care of. The atmosphere of the city attaches to them. It’s really all just cries for help; a better life. The people themselves are goofy and joyous but it gets tiring when you see all the children walk home alone or roofs cave in from the constant downpour. Nobody was meant to stay here their entire lives. You move here to live the struggle but were never meant to call this place home, at least not forever. Everyone comes and goes but no one ever stays. They use you to get elsewhere and never take the chance to sit back and watch, but I know you watch us. I know you see how they look at you. The whispers and sly remarks on your appearance and your belongings, they point and laugh but I think it’s because they’re scared and couldn’t handle your rude awakening. I can see past that hard exterior though. You get bullied, I know. But you will always be a place I can look to and reminisce on the everlasting impact you have had on me. I am much more humble now because of you. I am much more strong. I am much more of everything that was meant for me to become and I thank you for the experience but now it is time for me to go as well. But never change. I think you’re perfect the way you are. 

* * *

Skyway. Always hustling and bustling. Never stops for a moment. I bet you see a lot of different faces every day. There is something about this place that brings security and safety in my heart although you are not perceived this way. You are where I grew a lot, without you, I wouldn’t be me. There is something in those grey skies and vacant homes that call my name and make me feel warm and leads me to when I was young, and this was my upbringing. Ghetto, dangerous, hood, all the words you could think of to describe you, this is where I was at and this was home. 

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