NP Creed

Man will fight in dark or light,
Certain of death which is right.
Foes and friends battle to be freed
As saints count the blessings and misdeeds
One day before religion alters them all.

Old men are stranded on islands made from poor foresight
And blinded by the truth of their plight.
Wars here, threats there, memories fade away, flesh traded!
Oh, how the children have forgotten their work is simple play
Long before mother and father learn how to pray.

Bless this way, curse that other way, no, now just stay,
Stay in place so the lies can not touch you.
This will be your lesson for today and every day!
Steel your mind, hide it away from them all,
Master emotion and befriend lonely pain.

Watch these things wear out in heaps
Matched by nerve, painted by fame, recalled as deep.
Take this, wrap it in disaster, hold it close like a lover
Then toss it off, leave it behind, revive and recover
And believe it all can be done unforgiven.

Dig deep, more, faster, rip out your heart, slice off your skin,
Do what you must, do what hurts, do it now, just begin.
Take off the masks, no more fairy tales, no more home again
For this fight may consume you and mold your bodily frame.
Now then…say it so all may hear you. Tell us your name.

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