In 2010,

Corbin Louis

when dubstep was
the most popular genre in America
and we had jungles in our brains
you and I went to a house party
where they played beats off a gameboy
and called it 8 bit

the house was in U-district and every square inch
was covered in beer cans and ash
was covered in
running away
all we wanted
to do was coal mine our heads
for whatever electric charge was left like resin

that night you mouthed the words
you mouthed the houses and cans and sidewalks
you ate everything out of the bags
you chipped away at the future
left yourself pamphlets, put my wishes in zoos
pexiglas morgues where our bodies would
be autopsied
and magnified
for our friends
enjoyment this
way we become
song and not
we spent our chemicals young
we broke our safes open and blew out the cobwebs
we mountain climbed our wells in reverse screaming
how could we be so stupid
how could we be so purposeful
19 โ€”
preparing the funeral

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