Tenderness&Hope in the Death of a Ghost

Nicolas Hauser

I notice you as you notice me noticing what you are:

You faceless fool
You ghost in mourning
You watcher of me

Keep steady your gaze behind that guard which
collects your words and makes them dust.

I am captive,
locked behind battered bars and
forgotten in your holding.

Even now I am not afraid,
for I have whispered to the man staring at us,
asked him, “Will you set me free”—
He peers into my frame,
eyes with no need for blinking,
but he doesn’t notice me or my movements.
Unlike you, I am still to him,
a wandering ghost who has done his haunting.
Here I stand and view you from behind your back.

I can hear your fear
I can taste your regret
I can see your life

You are what I was, and I am what you will soon be.

Place your love in my rotting heart as it
begins to fade away so you may be greeted with
nothing in return.

I am sorry, but if there were anything to give
from live to dead you would still be here.

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