NP Creed

Fat fat babies in my way galore.
So many tubby tubby flubbery tikes here and there.
I step, they shriek! Too many fat fat babies make me sore.

Fat fat babies on my furniture and in my rooms.
Too many tiny feet close to me and more than I can count.
So many beefy babes they fill me with gloom.

Fat fat babies you’d believe me if you saw them all.
Too many who run around all night and all day.
Soon I will trip in midst of the noise and down the stairs I will fall.

Fat fat babies whose names I try and try to recall.
All of them too many to remember and to feed and to clothe.
Maybe some will love me, maybe they aren’t so bad after all.

Fat fat babies oh me and oh dear and why, why, why!
So many beloved little pudgy poop factories
Who all want attention and to run about and to jump and fly.

Fat fat babies not one more could I stand!
Not even if I was paid gold or jewels or splendid things!
No more could I claim or feed or dress or hold in my hands!

Fat fat babies finally all grown up and out of the home
With dreams and hope and a will to get it all
Leave their parents with a whole planet to roam!

Fat fat babies with loved ones so, so proud
Let their parents nap and sing and play
But, no more fat fat babies allowed.

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