Word Problem

Shae Foley

If life is a real number, solve for x.
X equals the death of my father.
To the power of a step-father I didn’t know how to love.
Multiply my mother’s ache strapped to my back.
Carry my grandfather’s bass voice offered to God every Sunday.
Subtract supervision.
Exponentiate my sister, always with my sister.
Multiply by do not fuck with my sister.
Find the inverse of someone to talk to at lunch.
Divide by excellent manners, thank you.
Find the circumference of despair and rage at 4 am.
If a friend drives me to the emergency room and the staff subtracts shoelaces, belts, and sharp objects will I get well?
Solve for the negative value of the man who molested me.
This is the square root of a family without the remainder of my baby sister or father.
Add a good pen.
Use the order of operations to multiply by the power of words. Add notebooks.
Subtract permission.

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