Yellow Flower’s Confession

Kristine Jeanyoung Kim

A brown tiny seed travels in the
air and prepares for its landing
on a speck of moist dirt

The seed cautiously settled on a land

Waiting for the body to reach high into the
sky, she hears people criticizing, machine
generating, and numerous planes flying by

In her mind’s eye, a
world is bittersweet

But she smells a
scent that is

She feels a warm breeze,
that forms a nostalgic

An underground shelter is unsuitable for a flower like her to
live, for which she is confident to show off her beautiful
presence and is unwilling to see an upper world

Without standing her curiosity and
hastiness, she urges to move upward;

Her entire body electrifies as if trying to alleviate the itchiness
A sudden wind blows on to her tender body as
she approaches outside like the instant moment
of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

She inhales deeply and puts all
away from her thoughts and
feelings, and shouts:

I am free, I am beautiful, I am

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