2021 Poetry and Prose

Scott BentleyFunhouse Mirror | Eyes
Robert BeveridgeDissension in the Ranks
Carl BoonGenesis
Cindy Bousquet HarrisDog Meat | Thunder Voices
There Was a Wolf Pack
Derek BrownThe Hungry College Kid
A. BunneyTea Party
Racquel FarrarThe Moon and the Sun
John GreyRoy and Dale and Dad
Through These Eyes Alone
Geneviéve HicksGhost Crossing | Mad Like Me
Nina JouvalAgain | Tired
Edward KuznetsovGalaxy 12, Monroe
Chris Ryan LauerBelieving secretly that I would be the one person in the history of man who would live forever
Ruthie LittleCandle Crabs in Samar | Untitled
Corbin LouisCall It What You Will | And how bright
Reed LowellNightingale
Abigail MandlinNotes from the end of the world
Honey-Sweet and Slow
I gave my innocence to a psychiatrist
D.S. MaolalaiMaking your bed
Joan McBrideOur Mothers Died Young
Sarah McPorterFrost and Fog
Denise MichaelsThe Colors of Reeds
Sanika NalgirkarThe Waiting Room
Taylor NicholsMy Mirror
Madison NikfardNot Thinking Straight
Lance NizamiAsilomar December
Philip PaliosPandemic Philosophy
Kalen ShackEmpty Place | Digging to China
Michelle Schaefer Night Shift | What She Said
crime and punishment
Sue Selmer Along for a Ride | Raking Leaves
Carson Thomas Keeping Plants Alive
Avocado and Melon Salad
A Short Road Trip
Audrey TinninHarris County Jail
Cliff WatsonDuck

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