And How Bright

Corbin Louis

[move back]
shattered my brain
[come close] opened my brain
searched for resources to assemble the heart
found a whale inside harpooned and plunged
[break in] [don’t move] I see the sun feast I eat
with every tooth becoming a pill becoming a landslide
                   my mouth pleads with itself I beg for carnage ─ undone
with every day becoming more of a compressed 0 ─ as the detail as the vivid
sheen ripples goneward─ [move in] I gesture to air, I dance in the panorama
[spin] set loose like a string unwrapped everything so far has a lot to do with
splitting and the cracks mean surely and I anticipate the other whale’s blood clot
and I pray and crack the code bandage corinthians what pertains to me is the
slit a california purple deep in the arm from punch drunk some thing impact
means of course waking up why do my codes break easily why do my deserts
divide themselves into rags [move through] I ten commandments the wind for
nothing I beg and demand for nothing I carry myself out like a wish from the
apartment to the sidewalk I see fractal twentyfold the trees shoot their
commands in rose quartz nebula I drink the well calmly
                  I split momentary disarray
                  shattered my brain
                  I kiss womack
                  [plunge] I kiss instruction
                  the sound of a whistle
                  and the sound of a movie
                  from yesterday’s absence
                  [dancehall] I raise myself
                  off the carpet and into
                  the splash of light
                  pouring through the
                  window pane
                  how lovely and
                   to sense this
                   cut to feel the
                   blade of

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