Call It What You Will

Corbin Louis

we decided fast and loose
we decided

                                                                    rooftop spell
say it with your chest” with your cigarette and your incubator and the light rail half built like the skeleton of a concrete god

In Seattle
we drank gallons
of tomorrow       u, resurrected angel,       made me ramen at 3:20am

u, kept me warm
through February
in a year I had nowhere to be
and that’s how I survived

the oxycyclone
the second part
of a friday shift
dragging my body
like a blinking corpse

my chief complaint, is life.     I explain
u nod.      ‘atrophy and fireworks’
what’s the difference I ask
‘perspective’.     u whisper
but call it what u will

diagnosed borderline
the wino monsoon on 1st and Cherry

if now is all we have
then does it matter
how insane I went getting sober
or does it matter how hard
my teeth chattered to write goodbye


or not            don’t overthink it
I tell myself      enjoy                                      pink lemonade
                                                                                  light on your dirty window
                                                                                  the 3 hours of crisp morning
                                                                                  on halloween before I crashed
                                                                                                                  in a ditch

u kissed me

before I ate the silos
and orchids
and felt to a certainty
I can’t work

not today
maybe I won’t be sick
if I sleep
maybe I won’t be sick

2 for operator
on the nurse line
and you with 1000
ecstasy tablets in your hair

u took me in
like slow poison
and what a year
to cherish the drink
of the city
30 inches
of rain
your name
on every
and what it means
to be drenched
with each other

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