crime and punishment

Michelle Schaefer

solo confinement
she finds herself wanting to stretch
the length    of time    is double
on the in(side)
she has always avoided (tenements)
even though her key was bull/et proof
and opened the bro/ken door
(she never felt safe)     outside
she had an artificial
hobby of stealing shiny     bodies
she had no(where) to put her     mistakes
she pretends to be a cave    dweller
her only friends     a bat and a shiv/er
somewhere a sound    like a home    she for/got
a night train rumbles on
a distant causeway
she jumped parole (once) but it was too high
for some(one) like her
she could escape
live below (sub)terranean
scratching dirt under her nails
a way to make     a clean/er living
she imagines    breathing
for (ever)
like she (once) did
on death row   (some) say it’s a crime
for clubbing   fish

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