Frost and Fog

Sarah McPorter

I walk a world of frost and fog
Skeletal trees like ghosts, wraiths wreathed in vapor
Tree tips softening, blurring, smudging into the clouds
Pearlescent silhouette, fading back into the brume realm
Hidden land discovered with each step, drifting further
Deeper, leaving behind all known and real and solid
Haze upon the ground, leaves rimmed in shimmer
Glitter sparkling diamond dust on branch and duff
Dawn twilight gloaming, entering ethereal grey mists
Haunted hallowed halls of the forest, eerie, enchanting
Wander with the hidden fae, calling soul to slip away
Disappear in shrouding fog and frost, lured by will-o’-the-wisps
Skin chilling, thrilling, trilling with delight in winter
Heart rushing, blood flushing, excitement bursting inside
Listening, yearning, brisk air freezing stinging biting, effervescent
Wisps covering the forest floor, beckoning, whispering
Step through the veil, the doorway between the trees
Seek the secrets, aerial, twixt shadow and light
Fire heart, wind spirit, rambling on into the uncanny realm
Tree and ice and mist your home and heart and hearth
Fair folk, undine, sylphs, and dryads, kin and kith and ken
Ride the trail of icing dew drops, follow their dancing laughter
Like chiming bells, crackling hoarfrost, urging transcendence
Shedding soul’s cage, adventure into the unearthly realm
Land of fantasy and wonder, heart’s desire
Traipse through dream and delight, discarnate
Among the trees in the cold embrace of ice crystal clouds
Come, dreamer, wandering heart, discover and play
Join the mischievous fae, with the lady of the masks
Wear the shadow’s cloak, twirl with the guardian of dreams
The keeper of the keys treading carpet of moss
Dance with the lord of the fae, alluring charm and wicked glinting
Draped in spider silk beneath mistletoe in the forest cathedral
Dreamy moonlight evanesces to waking sun, dispersing
Ephemeral moments, time lost, chance fleeting, fleeing
Magic forgotten, return to people, things, structure
Soft delicate realm vanishing, slipping away, back to bygone places
Modern world of hard lines, solid material, stark cacophony
Frost melting, giddy glinting joy dimming, spark dwindling
Dissipating before bright harsh light of day

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