The Hungry College Kid

Derek Brown

College diet, ramen noodles, leftovers for dinner,

Cooking up a recipe to be a breadwinner

My wallet’s always empty and I’m looking kinda thinner

But life’s a wheel of fortune and everyone’s a spinner

Life of a college kid, I don’t care what my father did

Stress is like a wound, so don’t even try to bother it

A diploma is irrelevant? I do this for the hell of it?

What’s cooking in the kitchen? It’s success by the smell of it

Working all day and study all night

Screw all the haters, they just don’t believe the hype

Looking at the future, there’s a vision in my sight

I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just trying to get it right

I’ve got my best friends with me but I’m still alone despite,

I’m just a low boy trying to reach new height

You think I’m all together? Bro I might

Success is for dinner and I’m hungry for a bite

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