2021 Visual Art

Alexa Agustiano | westport

Jorge Azpeitia | Joshua Tree Hallucinations

Darrell Black | Genetic Cross Breeding

A. Bunney | Retro Visions

Marina Burandt | Queer Faces

Marina Burandt | The Queen

Adrienne Co | Untitled

Violet Dahlstrom | Modern Plague

Lina Dith | Living in a Bubble

Dana Doran, The Baroness of Eads | View From the Red Planet

Dana Doran, The Baroness of Eads | The Fall of the Republic

Jennifer Dormier | unavoidable

Bee Guzman-Elliot | Broken Promises

Marinaa Ewing | Hide in the Light

Ruthann Fernandes | Rainier at Ebey Slough

Ruthann Fernandes | Qwuloolt Restoration Site

Cindy Fullwiler | Bison Hill

Josephine Hartono | To help you heal

Nicolas Hauser | Misplaced

Tasha Jeffrey | Guardian

Tasha Jeffrey | Lioness

Tasha Jeffrey | Tranquil

Nina Jouval | Woman in the Jungle

Danyl Stephan Kok | So You Can See Them Too

Joe Lollo | Suburban River

Nina Marshall | Untitled

Nina Marshall | Energy in Motion

Tram Nguyen | Escapism

Tram Nguyen | Efflorescence

Stephanie Pipes | Peaceful Strength

Garret Rizan | why can’t it be us

Samira Rodol | Tiny Moments

Kalen Schack | Lighthouse

Donna Sullivan & Dhani Toney | A Murder in Kenmore

Donna Sullivan | Sleep, Angel of Mercy General

Donna Sullivan | Transcendences with Dove, Dog and Castle

Kong Solika Tang | Earth Must Go On

Devoni Rose D. Whitehead | Immigration

Xinzhu Xu | 2020

Manasa Yadavalli | Gotham City

Weiling Zhang | Emotional Asphyxia

Mudasir Zubair | Zubair Chill Vibes

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