Clamor Editors 2022

Danny (he/him/they/them) is a senior majoring in Media & Communications with a minor in Visual & Media Arts. Danny is also the station manager for UWave Radio, loves photography and horror movies! Check out their work on Instagram (@whereisdandan).

Image Description: Latine person wearing a hat and UW sweater posing with a giant teddy bear on a bench and holding a peace sign

Janelle Tuble (she/her) is a senior in Media and Communications. This is her second quarter in Clamor! She joined Clamor because one of her professors mentioned it during class. She also loves to binge-watch tv shows and journal.

Image description: A 20-year-old Filipino American woman with black hair, smiling in front of a giant head of baby Yoda.

Meta LeCompte is an MFA student at The University of Washington, Bothell. Before falling in love with poetry at the University of Denver where she graduated with a degree in creative writing and sociology, Meta was a musician who wrote two albums. Currently, Meta writes surreal prose.

Image description: white woman with red hair and freckles takes a selfie wearing a black beaded necklace and a navy and orange jumpsuit.

David Dinh is a Media and Communications major with a Visual & Media Arts minor. He is currently studying media production and social media marketing/design. He also enjoys drawing, piano, and going on walks in the sun.

Image Description: Young Asian man with black thick-framed glasses sitting casually with his left arm resting on his propped-up left leg. He is wearing a thick gray sweatshirt with a thin black and white jacket over it.

Sofonias Shiferaw’s pronouns are He/Him. He is a Junior studying in Media & Communications. Sofonias enjoys hikes and watching movies on the weekends with friends.

Image Description: A 21-year-old African American wearing an all-black business casual suit smirking while standing in a neutral position.

Sarah Petrov’s pronouns are She/Her. She is a second-year and majoring in Community Psychology … for now. Sarah moved frequently in her childhood and found refuge in poetry, literature, film, and the arts. She found an opportunity at Clamor Magazine to integrate all of her passions. Image Description: Fair-skinned young woman with medium-length curly hair wearing a velvet royal blue blazer sitting down.

Image Description: Fair-skinned young woman with medium-length curly hair sitting down, wearing a royal blue velvet blazer.

Samantha Johnson (she/her) is a Culture Literature and Arts Major with a Creative Writing minor. Samantha is a Senior. A fun fact about Samantha is that her childhood photo is being used to advertise her parent’s plumbing company.

Image description: Young light-skinned Woman wearing a blue dress leaning on a tree with lights strung around it.

Joshua Baker is a Junior in Interdisciplinary Arts. He loves drawing (pencil and paper), working on cars, anything horror genre, and anything Disney!

Image Description: A man wearing a red beanie and black thick-framed glasses is smiling with a blue mask tucked under his chin. He is wearing a tie-dye black and white sweatshirt with a black and white checkerboard shirt over it.

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