10 Ways to Raise Your Energy and Vibe

Saskia Gottuso

Feeling fatigued? Overwhelmed with everything that goes on in life? Need a natural pick-me-up? Below are some actions that can be implemented into daily routine. The term “vibes” can seem played-out and overused nowadays, and it might even sound like a bunch of hippy nonsense. However, this concept holds true. Humans are made of molecules that are constantly vibrating. So are the animals, earth, and space. We have more power than we realize. The purpose of these practices is to get energy moving, or vibrating a little faster. Perhaps they act as a reset button for the spirit when needed.

     A good place to start is meditation. Focus attention on the breath. Feel it. Notice it. If possible, find a silent or quiet space. Soft music can be a good addition, if it feels right. A seated position is good, though lying down might help ease tension in certain parts of the body. Here, the mind has a chance to be still, in the cloud of a thousand thoughts it produces each day. Breathing is a good tool for reflection, and observation. It can be hard at first, and that’s okay. It might take a little while to figure out what type of breathing, sounds, position, props, lighting, temperature etc. works best.

       Get up and move around. Seems self-explanatory, right? By finding some sort of physical movement, everything else inside gets stirred around, in a good way. Endorphins are released in the brain when working up a sweat, toxins are more easily moved out of the body, and a chance to step away from the daily workload is provided. Find a few favorable activities-whether it be swimming, hiking, walking, yoga, basketball, lifting weights-the options are endless. As long as the movement is coming from the soul and heart space, everything else will fall into place.

     Bring awareness to diet. Foods that receive a lot of light from the sun are good. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains are some major categories here. Don’t be afraid to eat the rainbow! A colorful diet is a happy diet. Consumption of animal products is a personal choice. Some people have reported that minimizing meat, dairy, eggs, etc. has led to elevated mood, improved physical health, spiritual revelation, and so on. 

       Spend more time connecting with the great outdoors. No need to venture out too far-just far enough to find a new perspective. This could be any activity from a 5 minute walk, to a camping trip miles away from home. Even if the same surroundings are being viewed regularly, mother nature will find a way to make it interesting each time. Everyone deserves some fresh air every now and then.  

       Respectfully incorporate nature into the living space. Collecting rocks from outside if it’s practical. Be mindful of the spots you are picking from-let nature keep her dignity. Avoid taking shells from beaches. Invest in some house plants. Water them and watch them grow. Observe them soak up sunlight, and eat up nutrients in soil. Play bird songs, whale songs, jungle sounds, rainfall, whatever resonates. “The earth has music for those who listen.”-George Santayana.

     Do something kind for the environment. Pick up some trash. Ask a friend to carpool corresponding days of the week. Make a commitment to bike or walk every once in a while. No matter how big, any act of kindness towards the planet will strengthen its connection to humans.

Consider dry brushing your body. Whenever available, brush the epidermis. A brush with firm bristles, should do.  Discomfort, or an eerie sensation when trying this initially is expected. Give it a try. The action should go on for a few minutes. Brush toward the heart. This will leave your skin cells tingling. Soak the dry brush in warm water and soap, for an hour every month to clean.

     Reduce screen-time. There are a lot of situations where computers and devices are necessary, like on campus, or at work. Look for opportunities to take a break, and do so fully. Surrender to the present moment. Cherish the moments when the eyes aren’t locked-into thousands of miniscule pixels. Relax. Fill these gaps of time with joyful things. 

       Recite affirmations. Boost confidence, speak things into existence, and believe in yourself. Place the words “I am” in front of positive words, or things you want. “I am respectful”, “I am generous”, “I am happy”. With consistency, specific affirmations with flow with ease. These are based on the desires of the soul. Repeat affirmations in thoughts, on paper (write them somewhere frequently viewed), or by speaking aloud.

     Keep a journal. Absolutely essential to most writers-carry a notebook. Record your thoughts, emotions, experiences, doodles, poems, letters-use every single page and keep those journals in a special box in the corner of the house. Gaze upon the days, weeks, months, and years worth of expression spread across the lines. Bare this vulnerability to another soul or not-observe intricacy of the human experience. 

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