2015 Poetry

H. R. H. Kane, Erika

Elizabeth Salinas, Dancing with the Rain

Sue Selmer, The Campfire

James Elzie, Summer of ’75

Heather Felix, Book of Autumn

Felix Fauxwhit, Release

September Thorlin, Ghostwriter

Alexa Lavides, The Curious Warrior

Reed Lowell, Solitary Redefined

Tracy Gregory, One Time I Drank Two Beers

Joan McBride, The Garden Shop of Bald Women

Mackenzie Premel, Half-Mother

Ana Caballero, Mercury, Retrograde

Zachary Michaud, Fever

Sue Selmer, Winter Hunger

LaKrista Vantrece, An Omen

Natalie Singer-Velush, Mother

Alexa Lavides, Dreaming Wanderlust

Beth Secor, Rhythm

Christyn Hutchens, Dwellings

Joan McBride, Union Station, Chicago, 1993

Christian Arciniega, “C”

Tracy Gregory, Famine

Taryn Zieglier, America the Beautiful

Nan Hardt, Wooing Her Back

Kat Seidemann, Carnivores

Travis Sharp, Deviant Bodies

Grace Lynn Scott, Sit

Kendall Wiggins, Urbandictionary

Kat Seidemann, [Re]action:PSH

Corbin Louis, Sparrow

Ellen Donnelly, Where To

LaKrista Vantrece, Lessons

Michelle Stefania Fessler, Daughter’s Observations

Ana Caballero, The Hour of the Star is Here

Casey Corcoran, A Reminder

Channiel Jones, Thank You Sex

Casey Corcoran, Autograph

Natalie Singer-Velush, Does California Know How to Party

Michelle Stefania Fessler, Absolut Metaphor

Kathryn Sharma, Prayer of Father Kathryn

James Elzie, Palinopsia

H. R. H. Kane, Erika Pt.2

Casey Corcoran, Metacognition (Web Exclusive)

James Elzie, Hanuman (Web Exclusive)

Tracy Gregory, A Poem for My Mother (Web Exclusive)

Corbin Louis, Saddle (Web Exclusive)

September Thorlin, Kalinichta (Web Exclusive)

Travis Sharp, Report on Linguistic Weather Patterns (Web Exclusive)

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