Bear Chase

Virginia Cassady

Should I open my eyes

Am I living

Is God real

Is this real

What’s time

Did I eat today

Or was that yesterday

How do I say no

Will I live to 92

Am I doomed

How do I keep these secrets in

How do I say 

What I need to say 

When I don’t know what to say

Why is that office so comforting to me

Where did I mess up

Am I happy

Do I look how I feel

When’s it going to wear off 

Should I delete Instagram

And chuck my phone off a bridge

And escape into the wild

Am I alone

Where’s the rulebook  

And why did everyone get one but me

Is this normal

Or is it anxiety

When am I going to break down

Stranded on the side of the road

Then who do I call

How am I feeling

Am I too much or not enough 

Why are dreams for other people

What should I be doing right now

When am I going to fail

And disappoint my parents

Am I my own worst enemy

Can I please see the map 

So I know where I’m going

Can you just not

How sorry should I be

Am I angry enough

Where are you 

And what’s  your name

Am I doing this right

Should I be waiting

And praying

Should I be running

And chasing

Or should I just be

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