Unto Caesar

Terell Fox


Welcome to my Church  

Welcome to my place of war-ship

To the nave of muscle memory and reflex action

To the reliquary of hollow point and semi-auto


Please, do not bow your head

Bring your hands up

And keep your finger straight


Open your eyes

And let the target fade


Open your hymnals

And sing with me


Focus on the Front Sight (front sight, front sight)


Failure to Stop (Escalation of Force)


Slow Steady Squeeze (so let it surprise you)


Follow Through, Follow Through (Follower, Follow Me)


But just the first few verses now:

Two in the chest, one in the head (always leaves the bad guys dead)
Two in the head, one in the chest (always puts your fears to rest)


Now lift up your voices to their highest capacity!

And open up! Open up! Open up!


We will not be silenced

We will not be suppressed


Sing with me


Talking Guns (die, motherfucker, die – die, motherfucker, die)


Abdomen, Sternum, Throat, Face!


Muzzle Rise (Double Tap)


And we’ll end our sermon

Our little revival

With breath control  





Sing with me  

Sing with me


Welcome to my Church


Sing with me


Sing with me


Sin  with me

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